Wells Fargo College Credit Card

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Wells Fargo College Credit Card The Wells Fargo College credit card is marketed toward students. It is available to people 18 years of age or older who are enrolled in a two or four-year post-secondary program.

This card can also be obtained by a person who is taking a course at a trade school. The issuer must be satisfied that the applicant has the means to repay his or her debt before a student credit card account will be opened. Find more online credit card offers now!

A person who is under the age of 21 who cannot demonstrate the ability to repay the debt may still be issued a card. In that instance, he or she will be required to have a co-applicant (who is over the age of 21) who can pay the debt if need be listed on the account.

Wells Fargo College Credit Card Features

The introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for this card is 5.9% for the first six months after the account has been opened. After the introductory period has passed, the regular APR falls somewhere between 13.15-20.15%. This is a variable APR that will rise and fall with changes to the U.S. Prime Rate. This is not a rewards credit card, but a more traditional option.

Wells Fargo College Credit Card Benefits

This card is equipped with the Visa PayWave feature, which makes getting through the checkout line at participating retailers much easier.

This credit option makes it easy for customers to keep on track financially. Cardholders can choose the payment due date that works best for them. Payments can be made automatically or through online banking, for the customer’s convenience.

A student with this card can also sign up for free e-mail alerts notifying him or her about getting close to the credit limit or when a payment is due. These services are designed to help the account holder learn to manage his or her credit effectively.

As a college student, you need every advantage possible in order to keep your costs manageable. The cost of tuition, food, lodging and books can be astronomical! That is why Wells Fargo decided to create the Wells Fargo College credit card.

Wells Fargo is perhaps one of the most well known banking and lending institutions in the United States, and even around the world. It was founded 150 years ago by Henry Wells and William Fargo (hence the name Wells Fargo), and has been going strong every since. You can easily compare credit cards online, now!

Wells Fargo offers a variety of services to people all over the country with a major benefit being that you don’t have to be a member of their bank in order to qualify for many of their credit cards and/or lending programs. This makes the college credit card ideal for college students everywhere!

Wells Fargo College Credit Card Overview

The Wells Fargo College Card is a non rewards Visa card, typically called a classic card. The specific purpose of this student credit card is to help you build credit. With that being said, you will not have to have any credit to qualify for this card; however, this is not a bad credit credit card for people with poor credit!

One of the criteria for qualifying for this card is that you have to be a college student under the age of 25. This may seem like an odd qualifier, but with so many older adults returning to college, this criteria needs to be set so that older students with bad credit don’t hurt their credit further by applying for a card they don’t qualify for.

The Wells Fargo College Card offers a 5.9% introductory rate for 6 month for purchases and balance transfer credit card activity. After that, the APR will be 13.15% to 20.15% variable and will be based on your credit score. This card has no annual fee and the transaction fees are comparable to other cards at 3% of the total cost of the transaction (meaning cash advance or balance transfers).

Wells Fargo College Credit Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • No credit needed
  • Agreeable credit terms

Wells Fargo College Credit Card Considerations

  • No rewards credit card program
  • Must be in college to qualify
  • Must be a young adult to qualify

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Wells Fargo College Credit Card is Customizable

Customers who choose the Wells Fargo College credit card can add an image of their choice to it. An account holder can choose to add an image that reflects a favorite pastime, family members or a beloved pet to make the card design truly their own. Compare this and other online credit card offers now!

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