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West Marine Credit Card A West Marine credit card is simply not an option for purchasing your nautical gear at this point in time. West Marine is a one stop shop for all of your boating needs. While they don’t sell boats, they do sell any other boating related product that you could possibly think of, and probably a few that you have never considered before.

One of the problems that many people face when buying products from West Marine is the affordability of the products. It isn’t that West Marine is any more expensive than your other options; in fact they are very competitive. Find and compare credit cards online now!

The bottom line, however, is that boating products are simply expensive. For this reason, many people choose credit to purchase boating products. West Marine, however, doesn’t offer a retail credit card for you to use, if you want to buy your boating products on credit.

West Marine Credit Card: Try a Different Credit Card

If you are anxious to make a purchase at West Marine but you simply don’t have the up front cash, there are other credit card options. You might want to consider the NBOA credit card.

The NBOA is the National Boat Owners Association. You don’t have to be a member of the NBOA to apply for the card, but you will automatically be enrolled for membership if you do apply and qualify for the card.

The NBOA offer three credit cards, the Select Rewards Visa Platinum, the Cash Rewards Visa Platinum and the Visa Platinum credit card. All three require good to excellent credit to qualify.

The introductory offer for these cards is 1.99% for 6 months for purchases and balance transfer credit card activity. You have to apply for the card to learn the regular interest rate and it is not available for application online.

West Marine Credit Card: Ask for Gift Cards Instead

Another alternative would be for you to ask friends and family to purchase West Marine gift cards for your birthday and for holidays where you receive gifts. Although you aren’t likely to be able to outfit your boat this way, it is a sure way to reduce your overall costs.

Gift cards are available from $10 to $500. They are available as eCards or as a regular gift card.

West Marine Credit Card Bottom Line

As there is no West Marine credit card, you cannot choose this as an option. Use our credit chaser tool to find other online credit card offers today!

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