Western Sun Federal Credit Union Credit Card

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Western Sun Federal Credit Union Credit Card Western Sun Federal Credit Union is a regional financial institution serving the residents of the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. They provide a standard list of banking services including three types of Visa credit cards: the Platinum Visa, the Classic Visa, and the Share Secure Visa. All three cards can be used wherever Visa is normally accepted, including any ATM bearing the Visa logo.

The Western Sun FCU website provides links to both a description of the credit cards and a secure online application form. Interested applicants may fill out and submit the form online or print it and mail it in. Applicants may also apply in-person at any Western Sun FC view location. Compare this with other online credit cards now!

The Share Secure Visa card is a low rate secured credit card designed to help build new credit or repair old and damaged credit. It provides a low APR of 8.75% but requires cardholders to maintain a minimum $500 savings with the credit union. The money left in savings will accrue interest and, as long as all Visa bills are paid on time, will not be accessed by the institution to cover credit card charges.

Western Federal Credit Union Credit Card – Classic Visa

The Western Sun FCU Classic Visa carries an APR of 11.75% on all purchases, balance transfer credit card transactions, cash advances, and convenience checks. The card is also free of balance transfer, cash advance, and annual fees.

Benefits for the Classic Visa include 24-hour customer assistance, online account access, and several bill payment options including over the phone and in-person at a WSFCU location. There is a $15 fee associated with in-person or phone payments.

Western Sun Federal Credit Union Credit Card – Platinum Visa

The Western Sun FCU Platinum Visa offers all the benefits of the Classic card and more. Extra benefits include higher credit limits, free convenience checks, up to $1 million in travel accident insurance, auto rental collision insurance, zero liability for fraudulent purchases, emergency transportation assistance service, and cell phone protection.

The APR for the Platinum Visa is a very modest 8.75%. This rate applies to all purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. As with the Classic card, the Platinum card charges no annual, balance transfer, or cash advance fees. Compare more credit card offers now!

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