Western Union Prepaid Credit Card

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Western Union Prepaid Credit CardPrepaid credit cards are an excellent way to make purchases without having to carry cash, or pay bills if you don’t have a checking account. Western Union offers two prepaid credit cards that require no bank account and no credit check. Users simply load these cards using cash at any Western Union location or, if they do have a bank account, money can be transferred from that account to the card.

Travelers who don’t want to take their standard credit cards with them on trips find the Western Union prepaid credit cards to be especially helpful. They are branded with the MasterCard logo so they can be used anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted. Find more credit card offers now!

Western Union provides card information on its website, along with a link to their online application form. Before filling out the application, users must sign up for a Western Union account. Current account holders may simply request a card. Upon application acceptance Western Union sends a new member kit which includes full terms and conditions.

Western Union Prepaid Credit Card – MoneyWise MasterCard

The MoneyWise version of Western Union’s prepaid MasterCard is the lesser of the two cards. There are no monthly maintenance fees or annual fees unless an account holder remains inactive for 12 consecutive months. In such a case, a monthly fee of $2.50 is assessed for continued inactivity beginning in the 13th month.

There are no fees associated with purchases, PIN transactions, payroll direct deposit, overdraft, and electronic statements. However, Western Union charges various fees for bank-to-card reloads, ATM withdrawals, cash reloads, and ATM balance inquiries and/or declines.

Western Union Prepaid Credit Card – Gold MasterCard

The fee structure and terms of the Gold card are identical to those of the MoneyWise card. The one benefit to applying for the Gold card is the accompanying Western Union points rewards credit card program. Users of the Gold card earn rewards on every qualifying transaction, including cash reloads.

Several levels of redemption are available for earned points, and redemption options include reduced or waived fees, prepaid phone cards, and cash back credit card benefits. And as a special bonus, Gold card users have no paperwork to fill out when using their card to wire money to a third party. Compare online credit cards now!

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