Westerra Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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Westerra Credit Union Visa Classic Credit CardIf a member of the Westerra Credit Union wants a new credit card with a low interest rate but their credit score just is not high enough to qualify them for the Platinum Visa, this Classic Visa card is a great choice. There is only a 4% difference in the interest rates for these cards. These cards offer very low rates since they are available through a credit union.

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A credit union like Westerra operates differently than a bank. Credit unions require memberships that limit the number of people that can join based on where they live or work, while banks allow anyone to join. Since banks answer to stockholders, their goal is to get as many clients as possible to make the most profit. A credit union is owned by its members so the happiness of credit union members is put before the bottom line. The My Credit Union website has more information about credit unions.

Westerra Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Rates

The annual percentage rate for balance transfers, cash advances, and purchases is 13.9%.

The cardholder will have a special six-month introductory rate of 7.9% for balance transfers.

A balance transfer is the perfect solution if the cardholder is paying large interest payments on another credit card. All they have to do is set up the balance transfer with the credit union and they could save money every month and protect their credit score from having an outstanding balance on too many credit lines at once.

The cardholder needs to make sure that they make the balance transfer through the credit union instead of with a credit card convenience check. If they just pay off the other card using a check, the transaction will be processed as a cash advance instead of a balance transfer and will be subject to the higher interest rate and fee.

Westerra Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card Fees

There is no annual fee or balance transfer fee for this card. There is a $2 cash advance fee and a 1% fee for foreign transactions. The fee for late payments is $15 and returned payments are charged $25.

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