White House Black Market Credit Card

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White House Black Market Credit Card

Note: All Orchard Bank credit cards are now issued by Capital One.

Shopping at the White House Black Market online store might be an excellent way for you to save money on name brand items, there is one issue that many people face; it is still an expensive place to shop. For many stores, this would mean offering a store credit card so that they can up sales. White House Black Market, however, doesn’t offer a credit card option.

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While it can be disappointing when a store that you love doesn’t offer a store credit card, such as the White House Black Market, there is no need to be upset. Store credit cards, while being ideal for people with bumpy credit, often have interest rates that are excessively high. By choosing a more traditional credit card, even a bad credit credit card you could potentially save hundreds a dollars a year on interest rates alone.

White House Black Market – Choosing the Right Credit Card

Here, traditional credit card means a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. There was once a time, not so long ago, that anyone could qualify for any of these types of cards, no matter what their credit score happened to be. These days, however, credit card companies are more discerning and now you have to deliberately search for cards that fit your specific credit needs.

For example, if you are new to credit and haven’t had the opportunity to build your credit then you may need to apply for a student credit card. For the record, while the student credit card was designed with college students in mind, any younger person, who is at least 18 years of age, can apply for one of these cards.

White House Black Market – Choosing the Right Credit Card Company

Another important part of choosing the right credit card is choosing a good company for your card. There are some great names in credit cards, such as Capital One, Orchard Bank and more, but there are smaller companies offering credit cards as well.

This is where doing your homework is important. By using companies like the Better Business Bureau or JD Power, you can see how a company is prepared in terms of offering you great benefits and customer service for choosing their credit card.

White House Black Market – The Bottom Line

The White House Black Market is a nice store with nice stuff. However, if you are going to pay with a credit card, then you are going to have to use a traditional card. The good news is that this is the best way to save money on interest rates if you are paying by credit.

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