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Whitney Bank Whitney Visa Credit CardThis basic credit card offered by the Whitney Bank boasts a very low interest rate and very few fees. It is a superior choice for anyone looking to make a significant balance transfer or cash advance in the near future, and it is a great jumping off point for someone that is looking for their first Visa credit card.

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Whitney Bank Whitney Visa Credit Card Rates

This credit card has an annual percentage rate of 9.25% for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. It is not very common for a bank to offer such a low fixed interest rate on a basic credit card in today’s market. Most banks prefer to offer their customers a high interest range and the cardholder’s final interest rate is determined by their personal credit score.

Since the interest charge for cash advances is so low with this particular credit card, it is a great solution for someone that has a card with a much higher cash advance rate.

The majority of cash advances are made in the form of a credit card check. Since writing a credit card check does carry interest charges and fees, most people prefer not to use them unless they have to.

One of the more common reason a person would use one of these checks is to make a balance transfer. If the cardholder does not make a balance transfer through their card provider or when they first apply for the card, their only option would be to use a credit card check.

Whitney Bank Whitney Visa Credit Card Fees

There is no annual fee, foreign transaction fee, balance transfer fee, or over-the-credit limit fee for this card. There is a 2.5% charge on the total balance of any cash advance. The cardholder could be charged as much as a $15 fee for a late credit card payment and as much as $25 for a payment that is returned.

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