How do the various credit card companies stack up in the customer service department? We weren’t really sure so we set out to conduct a little test. We called up Visa, Discover, and American Express and posed as a difficult potential customer to see how they compared. Check out our Credit Card Customer Service Deathmatch to find out how they did!

Credit Card Deathmatch

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7 Responses to “Who has the best credit card customer service?”

  1. Jenna says:

    That is awesome! If I was a credit card customer service rep I would love getting a phone call like that, instead of all the angry people mad for missed payments and fees. Wondering if any credit card customer service reps read your blog?

  2. Fantastic. And props for getting at least a couple of reps who were good sports about it.
    I wonder if Diners Club has phone reps. I picture a solitary 90-year old woman, inserting phone plugs into a switchboard and saying that you remind her of her grandson.

  3. Jim says:

    before reading the outcome i would have put my money on American Express. I have only a few credit cards but in my experience AM seems to go above and beyond. i have had companies do what they are suppose to but AM does it just a little bit better.

  4. Millie says:

    I would like to know what credit card cos. have AMERICAN customer service people. I’m sick and tired of getting a foreigner who cannot speak good English, can’t understand what I want and when I ask for an American representative now she tells me that the wait time is about 15 minutes if I can actually get thru without a busy signal or else I get a hang up.

    I will gladly tear up my 3 or 4 credit cards if someone will let me know if MC, VISA or DISCOVER has an American I can speak to from time to time about my account. Besides, AMERICANS need jobs; why don’t these AMERICAN cc cos. realize that?

  5. Ron says:

    The worst by far is DiscoverCard. When you have dispute, just remember that Discovercard is always on the side of merchant. Actually, any credit cards serviced from Utah or some foreign country does exactly that. My advice is to stay from those.

  6. Nukkuw says:

    I don’t believe any other than American Express have American customer service. I used to ask for an American agent when I got a foreign customer service rep on MC and was able to speak to an American, but now the credit card cos. have caught on…..these foreigners keep saying they are international customer service and when I keep insisting on an American, they say it might take a while then I either get disconnected or it keeps ringing and ringing.

    The American companies need to bring these jobs back to our country.

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