Every year, millions of Americans tune in to catch the Super Bowl, even if their team has been out of playoff contention since Week 10 of the regular season. Even if they’re watching for the love of the game (and the fact that they won’t see NFL action again until the fall), every fan is going to be talking about one thing for sure: the commercials.

Super bowl commercial credit card rewards

Advertisers paid an average of $3.5 million for just 30 seconds of viewers’ attention. While we won’t get into which commercials were the best or funniest, we thought we’d compare some of the credit card rewards YOU could have earned if you had paid the average price companies paid for 2012 Super Bowl commercials just to promote yourself for 30 seconds during America’s ultimate prime time: the Super Bowl.

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We picked some of the top credit cards for the main rewards categories, and calculated just how far those credit card rewards could take you. Hopefully you don’t actually plan on road tripping to the moon and back, but maybe you will be able to realize the benefits to be had from choosing the right credit card for your needs.

Airline Credit Card Rewards

Airline Rewards

Credit Card: Continental Airlines OnePass

Rewards: 140 Roundtrip Flights (once a week for 2 years 8  months)

With the Continental Airlines OnePass, purchases in the “other” category will be worth 1 mile in rewards for each dollar that you spend, and 25,000 rewards miles gets you a round-trip flight within the U.S. Since putting your home video up for 30 costs falls in the “other” category, you’re looking at 3.5 million rewards miles, which comes out to 140 round-trip U.S. flights.

You probably won’t be saying, “I’m bored!” for a while, since you’re covered for a round-trip flight once a week for over 2 years! Say you want to start March 1 when you get your rewards statement back for February spending, you’ll be able to fly until somewhere Tuesday, November 10. Oh, did we mention that’s November of 2014?! Hope you brought your travel pillow!

Gas Rewards Credit Card Rewards

Gas Rewards

Credit Card: Chase BP Credit Card

Rewards: $70,000 in Gas

Let’s say all you’ve got is the Chase BP Credit Card, BUT you’ve signed up within the last two months, so you’re getting 2% cash back for “other” purchases in the introductory period rather than the usual 1% (Good timing – see how much difference this makes in a bit!). With the Chase points system here, you can redeem the minimum 2500 points for a $25 check.

Thankfully, you were smart and decided to purchase that commercial time with double the reward percentage, so you’re entitled to $70,000 in cash back rather than the regular $35,000. So just how far will $70,000 get you these days? Obviously it’s doing to depend on a variety of rapidly-changing factors, but we’ll set some ground rules.

We’ll let you get 28 miles per gallon, and your gas costs are going to be around $3.48 per gallon. If you spend your hard-earned cash back rewards on gas at that price, you’re qualified for  about 20,115 gallons of gasoline. Now that can take you places – about 603,448 miles worth!

Just how far is that? Assuming gas mileage would be the same in space (it wouldn’t be), you could drive to the moon and back, and then halfway back to the moon again, with the average distance to the moon being 238,857 miles. If you preferred to stay safe on the earth, you could drive around the world (24,901 miles) just over 242 times. Either way that’s about 8,620 hours of driving time, which is a serious road trip! Are we there yet??

Hotel Rewards Credit Card Rewards

Hotel Rewards

Credit Card: Marriott Rewards Credit Card

Rewards: 11 Nights in a Marriott Suite: Downtown Indianapolis

The next category is the hotel rewards card, and we chose the Marriott rewards credit card. Again, you were smart and signed up for this one just before you decided to splurge and get into your own Super Bowl commercial, netting you 30,000 extra bonus points right away.

The rewards with the Marriott card are offered as 1 point for every dollar you spend outside of Marriott services. Your $3.5 million for 30 seconds of fame gets you 3.5 million reward points to add to your original bonus 30,000 points. If you just wanted to cash out with this, a million points gets you $12,500, so you’ve earned $44,125. If you put that into your Super Bowl hotel stay in Indianapolis, it’s good for 11 days of the premium price of $4,000 a night.

But the whole point of a hotel credit card is reaping the hotel benefits, right? Let’s put your rewards to work that way. With Marriott’s card, you receive 1 Elite night stay for every $3,000 that you spend. With all of your reward points, including the startup bonus, you qualify for 1,176 Elite nights, or just over 3 years and 2 months!

Cash Back Credit Card Rewards

Cash Back Rewards

Credit Card: Chase Freedom Cash Back Credit Card

Rewards: 1% = $35,000 Cash Back | 5% = $175,000 Cash Back

For our cash back rewards credit card, we’ve chosen the popular Chase Freedom credit card. This rewards system can get you up to 5% cash back when you use the bonus categories of a given quarter; otherwise, it’s 1% cash back for the rest. That means your looking at $35,000 in rewards just for trying to buy your popularity with a little Super Bowl face time.

BUT, let’s say Chase included the Super Bowl commercials as a bonus category for a quarter, and you pounced on that deal without a second thought! With that extra 4%, you’re coming out with $175,000 cash back, enough to get you a brand new 2013 Lotus Esprit!

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Travel Credit Card Rewards

Travel Rewards

Credit Card: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Rewards: Rent Your Own Island for 3 weeks 5 days or  Stay in Bora Bora for 1,048 days

The Capital One Venture rewards credit card is another card that would reward you handsomely for your decision to share the Super Bowl spotlight with the likes of Madonna. Your reward miles come out to around 24 miles for each dollar spent, meaning your $3.5 million turns into 84 million travel miles!

If you want to redeem those miles for cash, every 100 reward miles you have is worth $1. Your total bonus cash will be approximately $840,000! What kinds of vacations would you take with that kind of money? Well, you’re just shy of the $1 million Abu Dhabi vacation at the Emirates Palace. Maybe you should have gone for a whole minute of Super Bowl commercial time!

How about some things you CAN afford with just those reward points. Want to enjoy a truly private beach? How about renting your own island? With just the cash back, you can afford almost 4 weeks of blissful tranquility on the Isla de sa Ferradura! If you’re looking for a more extended stay, you could always stay in Bora Bora, French Polynesia… for nearly 2 years and 11 months! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

The Fine Print and a $3.5 Million Example

We decided to have a little fun with the numbers here, and there are plenty of problems with our estimates such as rewards limits, credit limits, and taxes and fees for starters. You are probably wanting to see an example of a $3.5 million commercial. Go ahead take a look at the below commercial, and tell us if you think the commercial is worth $3.5 million.

Hopefully you enjoyed our humorous look into the excessive amounts of money spent on advertising these days, and are not now planning on dropping $3.5 million just for some rewards points!

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  1. Rent my own Island for 3 weeks 5 days or stay in Bora Bora for 1,048 days?? Someone please send me a Capital One Venture Rewards Card for next season… with a $4 million limit of course.

  2. tyler says:

    Hahah! It shouldn’t be too difficult to get them to raise your limit that high, right?? ;)

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