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William Raveis Credit Card William Raveis is a real estate, mortgage, and insurance company covering most of the Northeast United States. They are the largest family-owned real estate broker in the Northeast, and the 10th largest in the U.S. In 2006 the company teamed up with Bank of America to offer the William Raveis credit card, which is a Rewards Visa Signature Card.

The card was intended to benefit William Raveis customers as well as provide funding for the William Raveis breast cancer fund. With every approved application, Bank of America made a donation to the fund, and ongoing donations were made every time the card was used for qualified transactions. Find more online credit cards now!

It appears as though this affinity credit card program is no longer being offered. The William Raveis website still contains links to the card and the application form, but those links are dead. The ApplyOnlineNow website, which hosted the secure application, displays an error message saying it is either no longer available or is currently under maintenance.

William Raveis Credit Card Rewards

The William Raveis rewards credit card was a Visa Signature card that earned reward points for users. Although the rate of earnings is unknown, points could be redeemed for home improvement services, moving services, and even a pay down of a William Raveis mortgage.

It is assumed that standard Visa Signature benefits applied to the card which would include 24-hour customer service, online account access, travel accident and auto rental insurance, liability protection against fraudulent purchases, ATM access, and more. With the card having been discontinued, it is unclear whether cardholders were issued new Bank of America cards or their accounts were closed altogether.

William Raveis Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Specific details on the terms and conditions of this credit card are no longer available. In most cases, this information remains available online for up to a year after a program has ended. The fact that the information is not available for the William Raveis credit card suggests that the program was discontinued prior to the start of 2010.

If the card was similar to other Bank of America Visa Signature cards, APR’s for purchases and balance transfer credit card transactions probably ranged somewhere between 12.99% in 19.99%. Cash advance rates were probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 24.99%. Find other, currently available, online credit cards now!

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