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Wilsons Leather Credit CardWilsons Leather is a popular retail store that sells leather goods. At this time, Wilsons Leather does not offer a store credit card. Even so, there are many other popular chain stores out there that do offer great store credit cards.

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Store credit cards are very popular, but they are also known to be responsible for the majority of people’s credit card debt. While having a credit card is a great way to build your credit score they only help if they are used properly. For great credit card advice go to http://www.mymoney.gov.

History of Wilsons Leather

Wilsons Leather began as two separate leather-clothing companies. These two companies were Bermans Leather and the Wilsons House of Suede. Bermans Leather was founded in 1899 and Wilsons House of Suede was founded in the 1940s. Both of these companies were based in Minneapolis.

These two companies became Wilsons Leather in 1988. The company went public in 1997 and launched their website in 1999. The first part of the 21st century brought great success to Wilsons Leather, but the past few years have not been so kind. Over the past seven years, the company has continuously reduced their store numbers. In 2008, the Wilsons Leather brand name was sold to PreVu Inc. This company went out of business in August of 2008. The only Wilsons Leather stores still open are the outlet stores and the website.

The Benefits of Choosing Leather

Wilsons Leather prides itself on providing quality leather goods. There are many benefits to choosing leather especially when it comes to coats and jackets. Leather does not tear and is extremely hard to puncture. Leather repels moisture so it will not be ruined in the rain. If taken care of properly a quality leather jacket can last for decades.

Leather must be cleaned and treated by a specialty leather cleaner. Do not take leather jackets to a normal dry cleaner unless they have a leather specialty.

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