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Windham Foundation Credit Card If you are in the business of supporting education, business and communities in the Grafton, Vermont area, then you may want to check out the Windham Foundation credit card.

The Windham Foundation is a private foundation located in Grafton, Vermont. It was founded nearly 50 years ago and supports the local communities via education efforts, college grants and scholarships, community growth and education projects and more. Compare this with other online credit cards now!

The Windham Foundation has raised millions of dollars over the years, then turned around and poured right back into the community. If this sounds like something that you would like to support, then consider the Windham Foundation credit card as a support alternative.

Windham Foundation Credit Card Overview

The Windham Foundation Visa Platinum Rewards Card is an affinity credit card that directly benefits the Windham Foundation every time you use it. Sponsored by UMB, every time you make a purchase, UMB donates money to the Windham Foundation.

The APR for the Windham Foundation credit card is 0% for 6 months for all new purchases. After that the APR is 12.99%. In addition, the APR is 12.99% for balance transfer credit card transactions. There are no balance transfer fees for the first 6 months you have the card.

Unfortunately, you cannot learn extensively about the rewards credit card program until you actually apply for the card. There is no indication as to how points are earned; however, you can redeem points for airline credit card reward tickets, merchandise and more, according to the credit card application.

You must have excellent credit to qualify for this card, which may be a deterrent for many people in the current credit climate. In addition, you cannot have any recent history (5 years is considered recent for this card) of late payments or judgments. You cannot have any bankruptcies on your credit to qualify.

Windham Foundation Credit Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • Low interest rate
  • Flexible rewards program
  • Support the Windham Foundation
  • Chose between three card covers
  • Zero fraud liability
  • Travel protection

Windham Foundation Credit Card Bottom Line

This is a great card, if you can qualify. If you have anything less than stellar credit, or the Windham Foundation isn’t your first choice for charity support, then try the credit chaser tool. Compare online credit card offers now!

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