Wings Financial Credit Union Visa Platinum Extras Credit Card

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Wings Financial Credit Union Visa Platinum Extras Credit CardFor a credit card with a lower interest rate and multiple benefits, you may want to check out the Visa Platinum Extras credit card from Wings Financial Credit Union. In order to be eligible for the card, you need to be a member of the credit union. Luckily, there are a number of ways to become a member.

If you can’t join this credit union, you can look for low APR credit cards or FREE by using the tool on this page!

Credit unions offer a number of benefits to their members, and credit cards with low rates are just one of them. The Platinum Extras card is just one example of what is offered by Wings Financial Credit Union.

Wing Financial Credit Union Information

With all of the fees that banks are charging these days, joining a credit union is a good move. If you are unsure what a credit union offers, you can find out more at the My Credit website.

Wings Financial Credit Union has been around since 1938 and began providing multiple financial services to the air transportation industry. It continues to service these employees and retirees, but has expanded to also offer its benefits to people who work and live in the metro areas of Seattle/Tacoma and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Benefits to members include lower loan rates, higher yields for savings accounts, lower and fewer fees, and attentive service that is personalized.

Features of the Wings Financial Visa Platinum Extras Credit Card

This platinum card offers a lower interest rate than many credit cards, at 8.9%. It also offers a number of additional benefits. As a cardholder you have access to 24-hour Visa credit card concierge service for gift buying, dining, and travel.

When you travel you get accident insurance for common carriers such as buses, airlines, ships, and trains. You also get collision insurance for your rental car and emergency travel assistance for things such as legal referrals, travel services, and medical assistance.

For purchases you make with your Visa Platinum Extras credit card, you receive purchase security and warranty manager service. You also have access to roadside assistance and merchant discounts.

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