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WNBA Credit Card You won’t find a WNBA credit card. The WNBA hasn’t had the easiest time when it comes to supporting the basketball league. Being in the shadow of the NBA hasn’t helped too much as many people compare these talented women to the men of the NBA and that really isn’t a fair comparison.

Several years ago, when the WNBA first came out, Bank of America considered a sponsorship and passed. Then Discover actually launched a series of cards representing the teams on the WNBA only to pull the plug on the program a year later due to lack of interest in these sports credit cards. Find other online credit cards now!

That doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of talented women in the WNBA that deserve your support. How can you do that without a WNBA credit card? Well, you can attend their games, buy their merchandise and share their struggles with your friends!

WNBA Credit Card – Supporting Your Favorite Sports Team

For those of you who love the WNBA, it can be frustrating to see team affinity credit cards available for the NBA, NFL, PGA and more with nothing for any of the women’s teams. You can still show your own support by using a “create your own” card that many credit card companies offer.

Now, you aren’t allowed to use pictures of copyrighted materials, but you can ask your favorite player to pose with you and use that picture, take a picture of yourself at a game in your favorite team jersey, choose picture of a basketball or come up with a creative way of your own to support your team.

If you are looking for the discounts on tickets and merchandise that the NBA supporters get, then get an NBA sports credit card instead. You will still receive the same 20% discount on all of your WNBA purchases!

WNBA Credit Card – The Future for the WNBA

One of the reasons that you won’t see a WNBA credit card in the near future is that teams are still in flux. Some teams have disbanded leaving team members with nowhere to go. A WNBA card may never be available, but only time will tell.

WNBA Credit Card Bottom Line

No credit card equals no credit card! With no WNBA option, try our chaser tool and see if you can find another traditional or rewards credit card that you will be proud to use! Compare online credit cards now!

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