Worst Credit Card Cobranding: The Absolute Worst Credit Card Cobranding in History!

Maybe some credit cards and the branding on them were just never meant to be. That’s why we’re bringing you some of the most ridiculously-branded cards we’ve ever seen. If you’ve had one of these cards in your wallet at one time or another, that’s okay because no one needs to know. Unless you want them to.

Baby Phat RushCard Prepaid Card

Baby Phat RushCard Prepaid Card

How else can you show your sense of style and love of the color pink more than your own Baby Phat Rush Card? If you’re going to use a prepaid card, why not make sure that everyone knows what brand you like to rock. Plus, if you get one, you may even be able to win a lunch with Phatmaster hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. Imagine what you could rap about with him!

Budweiser Visa Credit Card

Budweiser Credit Card

Congratulations! If you’re a holder of this card, everyone knows that you enjoy a premium beer. The king of beers, in fact. This is the barley pop that is associated with sports, gigantic horses and pretty much Americana in general. Just don’t get caught buying a case of imported beer with this card, that might seem a bit distasteful.

World of Warcraft Visa Credit Card

World of Warcraft Credit Card

Hey, World of Warcraft may be a fun game to play, but it’s not going to help you find a significant other or win any popularity contests. At least not in the real world. Of course, if you’re more interested in the digital realm, you may want to get this card to buy the items you need made of real matter in order to live your life. Or not. It just depends on how bold you are. When it comes to picking out a credit card to slap down on the table that will impress a date or impress business people at a lunch – just consider the World of Warcraft Visa credit card the anti-Visa Black Card

Garfield Visa Credit Card

Garfield Credit Card

Did anyone know that Garfield was still popular enough to warrant his own credit card? There’s a bit of a surprise. It seems like the movies that have come out with a computer generated version of the cat weren’t very good, but this card represents the old timey cartoon version, which was entertaining. I would hope that at least Bill Murray has one of these cards.

Barclays Detroit Lions Extra Points Visa

Detroit Lions Credit Card

Nothing says more about fifty years of futility (Detroit last won a title in 1957, first NFL team to lose every game in 2008) than your own Lions Visa card where you can gain points that you can then use to redeem on NFL gear. This is probably the worst branded credit card in professional sports simply because the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers are too cheap to offer a card of their own.

Hooters MasterCard

Hooters Credit Card

If you love the culinary delicacies and high-class ambiance of a Hooters restaurant, you’re going to love the Hooters MasterCard. You can earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on Hooters-related purchases, which may or may not mean that you will be consuming more of those delicious wings that they have. Plus, you don’t need to have perfect credit to get one!

GM Flexible Earnings MasterCard

GM Credit Card

Because there’s no card that better shows fiscal responsibility and innovative foresight, there are definitely many great reasons to get a Government Motors credit card. Heck, if you’re unable to pay off a big old balance on this card at some point, you might as well ask for a bailout to save your financial future. Oh, and you can earn points on cash back for a new car purchase!

Defenders of Wildlife Visa

Defenders of Wildlife Credit Card

Are you a member of the Defenders of Wildlife group? If so you can get a great card that offers you points through the Bank of America WorldPoints rewards program. For every new card that is opened, $50 is donated to the group, as well as two cents for every $10 spent on the card. Plus, you can get a picture of a wild animal on the card that you want to defend like an elephant, wolf or tiger that would probably try to EAT YOU if they actually saw you in real life.

Walmart Discover Card

Walmart Credit Card

If you’re REALLY on a budget, you can get a Walmart credit card and put all of your shopping purchases on this card, which offers a hefty 22.90% annual percentage rate. There’s no annual fee for this card, but you’ll get no rewards points and that APR rate quoted above is variable. That means you really don’t know what to expect with this card, much like the quality of most Walmart products.

BP Chase Visa

BP Credit Card

Still available: a card from probably the most unpopular company in the world right now. Word on the street is that a “we totally screwed up the Gulf region” edition of this card should be on the market just before the start of the holiday season. Just kidding.

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