Worst Credit Cards: The Worst Credit Card Offers of All Time

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We often hear about the great deals offered by credit card companies, but what about the credit card offers that are more suited for the wastebasket? Why don’t we ever hear about the worst credit card deals that companies are offering? It’s probably because the issuers don’t want us to know they exist.

So, we’re going to pull the cover back a bit and look at some of the world’s worst credit card offers. If you see someone with a card on our top 10 worst credit cards list, watch out!

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Continental Finance Credit Card

Continental Finance Credit Card

As if Continental Finance sounds like a reputable company (it doesn’t), they offer cards with annual percentage rates “as low as” 9.75%. That’s as low as Continental goes, and you’re more likely to pay 19.9%, along with a $50 annual fee and a $12 maintenance fee. We cannot wait to get our application out to them, to make sure we’re paying extra for a credit card like this one!

Direct Merchants Bank MasterCard

Direct Merchants Bank Credit Card

The folks at Direct Merchants have a little secret that they haven’t been able to keep from consumers: online payments appear to take a really long time to complete, causing the company to trigger a 29.99% clause in the cardmember agreement. Nice little scheme, but the fact that otherwise the company charges 14.9% APR doesn’t help their cause, either.

New Millennium MasterCard

New Millennium Bank Secured Platinum Credit Card

The new millennium is here! And that means advanced credit cards, right? Wrong. The New Millennium MasterCard has a 19.5% APR, a $59 annual fee and a $70 application processing fee. What’s even more ridiculous is that the card has no grace period for purchases, which means as soon as you use the card for something, they start charging interest.

Aspire Visa

Aspire Credit Card

There’s nothing like paying 19.5% APR on your credit card. There’s also nothing like a $150 annual fee, a $29 application fee, and a $6.50 maintenance fee every month, for being the proud cardholder of an Aspire Visa. It’s amazing that these people are in business shilling credit cards, because we certainly don’t “aspire” to own one of their pieces of plastic.

First Premier Bank MasterCard

First Premier Bank Credit Card

“Credit card worries? We may have the answer.” Or so says First Premier Bank about their MasterCard offering. Yes, it does look quite “premier.” But with a minimum APR of 23.99%, a $70 annual fee, and a credit limit increase charge equal to 50% of the increase, the sleek sheen of this card fades instantly. Oh, and did we mention that the limit of this card is around $300? With all the fees, you’ll max it quickly.

Platinum Zero Secured Visa from Applied Bank

Applied Bank Platinum Zero Credit Card

The lure of platinum. It’s so shiny, it’s got to be exclusive. At one time, all platinum cards were classy, but these days that’s no longer always true. Case in point: the Platinum Zero Secured Visa. For starters, there is a $9.95 maintenance fee for the card, which equals $119.40 per year. And unlike most cards, there is no grace period – so whenever you charge something, the meter starts running.

Total Visa Card

Total Visa Credit Card

There’s something to be said about a card that has a 20% interest rate, and that’s where the Total Visa card got smart: they decided to offer 19.92% APR instead. Just getting the card itself may cost you up to $200 in processing fees, but you’ll be rewarded with a card that has a $250 limit. If you end up being unhappy with the card (which seems likely), you’ll then be assessed a $3.50 closing fee. Spectacular.

Macy’s Card

Macy's Credit Card

Not one to miss out on a compulsive shopping opportunity by their customers, the department store Macy’s offers a card to shoppers with a whopping 23.99% APR. They offer a rewards program with the American Express version of this card card, but it is virtually worthless to anyone who carries a balance on the card. Sure, you can get 3% cash back for Macy’s purchases – which you’ll then give the company back in interest!

American Dream Card

American DreamCard Credit Card

If your American dream is to pay a ton of interest on credit card purchases, then this card is no doubt for you. Unless your credit is phenomenal, you can expect to pay between 14.99-21.99% APR. Oh, and did we mention there are really no benefits or point accumulations for owning this card? Well, we just did. This card also has one of the worst logos we have ever seen.

Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard

Orchard Bank Classic Credit Card

Expect to pay some really silly fees for owning the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard. How about a $49 annual fee? Check. A $49 processing fee? Standard. 14.9-29.49% APR? No problem. Even more ridiculous is the fact that depending on your credit Orchard Bank may require you to put up some cash collateral in order to have a credit line with the company.

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