Zions Bank Low Rate Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Zions Bank Low Rate Visa Platinum Credit CardWith the economy struggling for several years, the number of credit cards offered today with extremely low, non-introductory annual percentage rates has shrunk significantly. In fact, the average credit card interest rate is hovering around 15%, and many Americans have to settle for a high-interest card just so they can get a credit card. This is not the case with the Zions Bank Low Rate Visa Platinum card, which takes a low interest rate to a new level, and not just by putting the term in its name.

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While the Low Rate Visa Platinum is only available to individuals with outstanding credit, Zions Bank also offers many other types of cards. From the Visa Classic card designed for people who are just starting out, to the Visa Signature card that offers concierge service, Zions Bank most likely has a card for you.

Interest Rate and Fees for the Zions Bank Low Rate Visa Platinum

The annual percentage rate for purchases made with the Low Rate Visa is 3.75% plus prime. While this is a variable rate, it is still the lowest rate offered by Zions Bank.

Just as importantly, the card comes with all the benefits of the Zions Bank Visa Platinum card, including automatic acceptance into the generous cash rewards program.

There is no annual fee for the Zions Bank Low Rate Visa. You can choose between paying your balance off each month or carrying a balance, without the potential of extremely high credit card finance charges.

Having a credit card with a high limit can be especially helpful if you travel a lot and need a card for hotel stays, according to a recent Better Business Bureau article. Many hotels put a hold on your credit card, and often times that hold is higher than your actual bill.

Additional Benefits of the Low Rate Visa Platinum from Zions Bank

Some of the other benefits of the Zions Bank Low Rate Visa Platinum credit card include the ability to have your photo on your credit card, 24/7 emergency card replacement services, and up to $1 million in travel accident insurance if you use your card to book a trip.

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