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Zions Bank Visa Signature Credit CardIf you are in the market for a credit card with rewards, 24-hour personal assistance, a low interest rate, and a wide array of benefits, then the Zions Bank Visa Signature credit card may be the right credit card for you. Often, finding a credit card that offers many perks also means that it comes with a high annual fee or high interest rate, but that is not the case with the Visa Signature card.

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The Visa Signature card is one of five cards offered by Zions Bank. The others include the Visa Platinum, the Visa Platinum Low Rate, the Visa Classic, and the MasterCard Classic. Any of the cards can be used all over the world wherever a MasterCard or Visa is accepted.

Benefits of the Zions Bank Visa Signature Credit Card

The Visa Signature credit card from Zions Bank features the ability to access the assistance from a live concierge 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

In addition, the card can help you receive special offers and promotions to sporting events, Broadway shows, and theater tickets, as well as the ability to get dinner reservations at certain, high-end restaurants.

The credit card also gives you a special identity theft program that protects you and reimburses you up to $10,000 if you identity is stolen when using the card.

Identity theft is a growing problem all over the world and you should be sure to take specific steps to ensure that your identity is protected, even if certain personal information is stolen, according to a CNN Money article. While the Zions Bank Visa Signature card helps you in case your identity is stolen, you should still always be careful.

Rates and Fees for the Visa Signature Credit Card from Zions Bank

The annual percentage rate of the Visa Signature credit card is the lowest of any of the Zions Bank cards, at 7.25%. This low rate allows you to either carry a credit card balance from month to month or pay off your balance in full each month.

There is no annual fee for the card, so if you do pay off your balance each month, you will not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs at all.

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