AMEX Black: The Most Interesting Credit Card in the World…

It’s a credit card so coveted, so intriguing, that even its name is shrouded in mystery: the American Express Black Card. It’s not an urban legend, but it’s so difficult to obtain that it might as well be. Created for the ultra-rich, this card is jammed full of benefits and will impress anyone “in the know.” That’s what makes it the Most Interesting Card in the World. Here are the facts about this exclusive status symbol.

AMEX Black Stay Expensive

Stay expensive, my friends.

FACT: Its Real Name is Centurion

The official name for the Black Card is the American Express Centurion Card. Historically a Centurion was the name for a professional officer in the Roman Army during Byzantine times.


“I’m a Centurion now, and although I look ridiculous, I feel extremely powerful.”

If you’ve ever seen the helmet-wearing fool on an American Express card while waiting in line to pay for something, that’s a Centurion.

American Express Centurion

Wearing brooms on your head back then offered protection from ulcerous rashes. Supposedly.

FACT: You Don’t Spend AMEX Black, It Spends You

In order to become a Black Card customer, you must pay a one-time joining fee of $5,000, plus an annual fee of $2,500. You also have to prove that you spend a mind-boggling $250,000 a year on card purchases. That’s only about $20,000 per month. (And don’t forget, Amex wants you to pay off your balance in full each month.)

AMEX Black Poppa Smurf

A cardholder struggling to find ways to spend that pre-set minimum. Neat, it says Poppa Smurf in his mouth.

But when you’ve got bills to pay, that’s probably not so bad. Especially if you’ve got a few cars, jewelry in your mouth, racehorses and a successful gothic clown company that has many opulent expenses.

AMEX Black Clown Parties

“We do parties five nights a week.”

FACT: Try Destroying this Card, and You’re Bound to Get Cut

This card is made out of TITANIUM. So unless you have TITANIUM SCISSORS you’re not going to be able to rid yourself of this card. Seriously, even smelting this thing down isn’t going to work.

Unsmeltable AMEX Black

“Yep, unsmeltable!”

Titanium is called the “space age metal.” It has a low density and is a strong, lustrous and corrosion-resistant. Perfect for the most irresponsible of spenders, it’s a material that won’t give out on you while buying the most ridiculous thing you possibly can.


“No, really, it’s a good investment. Everyone’s going to have their own mech soon.”

FACT: It’s Great if You’re Really Busy, or Really Lazy

The Black Card comes with a ton of perks, such as elite status on many airlines, premium membership in car rental companies, and access to exclusive hotels. Of the many benefits that the card gives you, however, the ability for the concierge service to take care of your whims borderlines on the ridiculous.

Concierge Grocery List

“I simply do not have time to hunt down all these things on my grocery list. It will take me over fifteen minutes!”

Such services as a “personal shopper” may seem silly to us common folk, but busy people need to save those precious seconds for their time crunch lunch or power struggle sessions. This also goes the same way for the lazy rich person who doesn’t want to go get some Doritos in public.

Doritos Bath

“Yes, enough Doritos for me to swim in. I should’ve requested a beverage for these dry, salty snack chips.”

Are there more secrets to be revealed about this card? Probably. If not, it wouldn’t be the Most Interesting Card in the World, would it?

If you want to apply for the AMEX Black Card but haven’t received the golden ticket in your Willy Wonka chocolate bar then…

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket

“What’s an AMEX Black?…”

Well, just kidding! You don’t need to find a golden ticket in a candy bar to qualify for an American Express Black Card but if you have doubts about whether your qualify then… you probably don’t :)

No hard feelings but hey, one way that you can improve your chances of maybe getting a hold of an AMEX Black Credit Card is by first applying for the American Express Gold Card and then spending a large sum each month while paying the balance off in full every billing cycle.

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