Are there any easy to get credit cards?

easy credit cards to getYes! Many companies offer instant approval credit card applications. There are also many credit cards for people with bad credit who might find it hard otherwise to obtain a credit card.

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Even though some credit cards may be easy to get, they may not always be the best card to get. They may come with high interest rates or fees. Before applying for such a card, you should always be aware of the issuer’s terms and conditions.

What are the easiest credit cards to get?

Card offers that show up in the mail, claiming that you are pre-approved for at least a minimum credit line are probably the easiest and certainly among the fastest credit cards to obtain. These offers feature the option of mailing back a simple abbreviated application form, or going online for an instant approval.

Whichever option you select, you will still have to wait for the actual plastic card to arrive in the mail before you can activate and set up your new credit card account and begin using your new card. On occasion, the credit card issuer will advise you of your new account number before your card arrives, and you may use it, at that point, for online or telephone transactions.

What does my being pre-approved mean?

Pre-approval, means that certain companies have taken the opportunity to review your basic credit history and other public records available to them, prior to your submitting an application. The kind of credit card offer they send out depends on what credit worthiness category you’re in or what credit score you’ve been assigned.

Buy a house, or open a new business and you’ll get some great credit card offers! Graduate from college and you’ll receive offers that are appropriate for first time credit card applicants. Get into financial difficulty and you’ll still receive offers, but with far less attractive rates and terms.

You can easily check the companies with pre-approved offers through the Better Business Bureau. If you’re getting too many unwanted solicitations visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website, to opt out of these direct mail or web offers.

What other easy cards are available?

credit cards that are easy to getWhile regulations have changed in recent years, instant credit card approvals are still available at many department stores and other retailers. Approvals are quick, taking a minute or two at most, and the mini application can be completed while standing in line at a cash register.

If approved, a temporary credit line will be authorized and that day’s purchases will be added to the account. These offers usually include a generous merchandise discount. Final approval and a permanent card are then sent by mail within a few weeks.

Secured credit cards can be obtained by just about anyone, regardless of credit history, since these cards are secured by the cardholder’s own funds. The amount of your credit limit is the amount of money which you are willing and able to place on deposit with the card company’s bank, prior to their issuing the new credit card. Prepaid cards are also an easy option for people who might want the convenience of a credit card without paying interest or other fees. Prepaid cards are similar to debit cards, which draw monies from a cardholder’s checking or savings account.

Prepaid credit cards, like gift cards, are loaded with varying amounts of cash, at the point of purchase, as determined by the cardholder. They are generally reusable once the initial amounts of money are exhausted and can often be reloaded on line as well as in person.

Are there any drawbacks to these easier to get credit cards?

Sure! If all you are concerned with is how easy or fast it is to obtain a new credit card, you might be missing the more costly aspects of the offer; the annual credit card fee and other service fees, the APR or annual percentage rate of interest, and of course the credit limit placed on the account.

While credit cards are available to individuals with poor credit or no established credit history, consumers should be especially careful to read all the fine print on their credit card holder agreement involving this type of credit card.

It is also wise to continue shopping for a better credit card once you’ve established a good payment history with the easy card company. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” is as true in the credit card industry as in any other.

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