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Joel Ohman is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, President & CEO of 360 Quote LLC, and the Chief Editor of Credit Card Chaser. Joel has written extensively on many different personal finance, small business, and credit card related topics and been published across a wide variety of websites.

Michael Pruser is a contributing editor of the Dough Roller, a personal finance and investing blog. Michael has a wide variety of knowledge in many different areas of personal finance including investing, debt, credit cards, mortgages, and insurance.

David Bakke is the creator and author of the personal finance blog Your Finances 101. He has a lifetime of experience in the realm of getting out of debt and staying there at his disposal. He earned his Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida.

Mr Credit Card runs the popular blog and website Ask Mr. Credit Card. Mr. Credit Card publishes a high volume of top notch credit card information and has a number of credit card calculators. He is very knowledgeable in offering reviews of many of the different retail credit cards.

Brittany is a college student and a writer at, a site that helps students discover ways to pay for their college education with private college loans and other resources. They also provide information regarding alternative ways to celebrate college and learn about student finances. runs live, reverse auctions (like a reverse e‐Bay) for consumers shopping for financial products. Consumers get exclusive rates and instant one stop shopping in a fun, dynamic auction format, and banks and Credit Unions get inexpensive access to new customers.

Austin lives in Japan where he teaches English and runs Foreigner’s Finances - a personal finance blog with an international twist for twenty-somethings and college students. Austin writes on anything from saving money while in college to starting a part time job to help earn money for school expenses.

Sandra runs the UK personal finance advice and tips blog Thinking Money. Sandra focuses on providing information on credit cards, advice on borrowing money, and general purpose financial advice designed for UK residents. is a website with lots of good information about credit cards. We hope that you will check out many of the information rich articles on both Credit Card Chaser and Credit Cards Co before making any decisions when looking for the best credit cards.

Greg McFarlane is an advertising copywriter who lives in Las Vegas and Lahaina. He recently wrote Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, a financial primer for people in their 20s and 30s who know nothing about money. Buy the book here (physical) or here (Kindle).

Stella Louise is a prolific personal finance blogger. Stella is the editor of the Blog & Save, a lifestyle blog for savvy consumers looking for money saving tips, shopping advice, frugal living ideas and personal finance guidance.

Mike Clover has been a Mortgage Banker for 9 years. He is also a consumer advocate for better credit education and a blogger on the Blog. Mike is an expert on using credit wisely and making credit work for you to get the best interest rates.

Today’s contribution comes from Edward Pacheco. Edward is a financial writer for Edward specialized in writing on car finance, auto loans, car insurance, and other car buying tips. Be sure to visit to search and compare cars and car options!

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