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Citibank credit cards are a familiar name in banking and credit; yet they may or may not be right for your needs. When selecting the credit card that best fits your needs, you will often want to consider a brand name that offers a selection of different card types while still providing the financial strength and level of service you demand.

Citibank, one of the country’s strongest brands offers many credit card products through its Citi®Card division.

Unlike some other banks, who might offer hundreds of credit card products with many individual cards in dozens of card categories, Citibank offers about 30 credit card products. Despite the limited number of cards, most Citibank offerings have excellent rewards programs and features and each is a superior example of a different card type.

Consider the costs, benefits, and competitors for your credit line business before aligning with the Citi dividend credit line or any other provider.

Read through this Citibank credit card review and then use the free credit card “chaser” at the top of this page to find and compare features from many different credit cards and find the card that is best for you.

Types Of Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank offers credit card products supported by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Citi® also offers co-branded cards with companies such as Bloomingdales, Sears, Macy’s, Home Depot, Exxon, and Shell. Among these various card types, you can select cards with low fixed interest rates, introductory offers, rewards programs; cash back programs, personal consumer, business, and gas cards.

Sorting through the many options, features, and programs can be a challenging task when attempting to choose a Citi brand store card. You will need to identify those card features that matter most to you. Prioritizing the most beneficial features will depend a great deal on how you intend to use the card and how the benefits offered by any of the card types can enhance your lifestyle.

Citibank American Airlines Advantage Card

One of the options you may want to consider is the the Citi® American Airlines Advantage card. The Citibank Advantage card offers air miles when you use the card that can be redeemed toward free and discounted air travel.

Another choice is the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card which offers thank you points that can be redeemed for electronics, travel rewards, sporting events, and more whenever you use it at grocery stores, gas stations, or drug stores. The Citi Diamond Preferred Card is perfect for people who use their credit cards to purchase weekly items.

Citibank MTV University Card

The Citi® MTV® University Card offers reward points at book stores, music stores, and even at fast food restaurants. In addition, the university card offers points for on-time payments each billing cycle and twice per year for a good GPA; both features that provide you with incentives to manage your credit wisely as well as rewards for everyday purchases.

These options make this card especially attractive to college students, and their parents, who see it as a wise way to learn credit management and build good credit scores.

Citibank Secured Mastercard

If you are trying to establish or re-establish your credit, Citibank has another card product that is secured by an interest earning certificate of deposit (CD). The Citi® Secured Mastercard® offers a competitive annual interest rate, a low annual fee, and the opportunity to graduate into an unsecured card in 18 months after building your credit position.

Citibank Business Credit Cards

For business owners, Citibank offers three cards: the Citi Professional™ Cash Card, the Citi Professional™ with Thank You Network, and the Citi Professional™ Card. These provide cash back, reward points, and tracking and reporting programs respectively.

Citibank Co-Branded Credit Cards

Citibank’s co-branded cards; Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Home Depot, and Sears offer a variety of percentage discounts, coupons and promotional specials, as well as some purchase finance specials. Finally, the Citibank line of gas card products feature brands like CITGO, ExxonMobil, Philips 66, Conoco, 76, and Shell stations for convenient use at your favorite service station while on the road. With high gas prices and the uncertain economy, these cards are very popular with drivers who put a lot of mileage on their cars due to travel or work.

Select A Card For Your Lifestyle

Beyond the reward programs and competitive interest rates, it is important for credit consumers to remember that the card they select must fit within their lifestyle as well. It is never a wise decision to choose a credit card product simply based on how many introductory reward points you might get, or how many bonus miles you get with your first purchase.

Before selecting a credit card product, look at how you will be using the card. Not just where you will use it most (though that is important), but also how often, and what credit limit you will regularly need. Ask yourself these two questions:

Will you be able to manage the payment requirements or will you need features that provide assistance in this area?

Will you regularly carry a credit balance or will you be paying off your balance in full at the end of every credit cycle?

Both factors will have an effect on how well the credit card you select meet your credit needs and your credit purchase behavior.

Compare the Different Types of Citi Credit Card

As you can see, sorting through the variety of features, options, and benefits of each of the different cards offered by Citibank may not be the easiest of tasks.

Fortunately, you are not alone. It’s easy to compare Citibank credit card offers with credit card offers from many different companies with the handy credit card chaser on this page.

Simply access the credit card comparison tool on this page and within a few clicks you will have the power to take control and “chase” down the very best credit card for you and your lifestyle based on the exact criteria you specify. Get started now!

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