Credit Card Rates Calculator

credit card ratesShopping for credit cards can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Consumers looking for the best credit card deals should always shop using a dependable credit card comparison website. The best of these  online services offer side-by-side comparisons of literally hundreds of credit card offers from dozens of prominent U.S. banks and credit card companies.

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Credit card comparison sites excel in several areas of high importance to consumers. First, they provide fair and unbiased analyses of competing banks and credit cards. Next, these sites allow consumers to shop for the specific kinds of credit cards they might be looking for and instantly apply for the credit card of their choice.

Most importantly, credit card comparison websites offer consumers the use of calculators and other tools. Instant online calculators help consumers make better and more informed decisions about which credit cards will best suit their individual and family needs.

Calculators and Other Helpful Tools

The Credit Card Chaser offers no fewer than seven different, helpful, and easy to use calculators on its website. Each of these seven calculators offers users a unique perspective on credit card shopping.

The cash back credit card calculator helps shoppers find the best cash back card by tallying the amounts spent each month in a variety of categories, then matching the results with the best cash back card offers.

The lifetime cost calculator computes the final total cost of an item purchased with a credit card and paid for over a number of months or years.

There is also a handy payment calculator, which allows the user to tailor payments on a credit card account to conform to customer defined payoff dates.

One of most useful web-based tools is the balance transfer calculator. This tool will determine the value of transferring an outstanding credit card balance to a new card, taking into account the differences in interest rates and applying any other fees card issuers may require.

The Credit Card Chaser website also features calculators that will determine your monthly minimum payment for any given credit card, compute the amount of interest you will pay over time, and the length of time it will take to pay off an outstanding credit card balance.

Other Kinds of Calculators

calculator for credit card ratesThe rapid advance of digital technology and computers has allowed many government agencies and other public concerns to create helpful consumer websites and tools. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission, FTC, sponsors a simple credit card repayment calculator.

Assuming a cardholder makes only minimum payments and no longer uses the card, the FTC calculator will instantly determine the number of years and months necessary to pay off the existing credit card balance. Only two numbers, the balance amount, and annual percentage interest rate charged (APR) are necessary to use this handy tool.

CNN Money, offers consumers a more complex calculator tool they call their debt reduction planner. First, consumers are directed to enter their existing credit card balances, interest rates, and minimum payment amounts.

Next, cardholders are asked to choose a payment plan, which will allow them to become debt free after a specified period. Cardholders may choose to make minimum monthly payments or may opt for a larger monthly sum.

The third choice is to set a time limit for being debt free and then let the calculator determine the monthly payment amount necessary to meet the selected deadline. As with the other calculators discussed above, the CNN Money debt planner tool provides consumers with instant feedback.

It’s Not Just About Interest Rate Calculations

The best credit card comparison websites such as the Credit Card Chaser offer many services to credit card shoppers who visit their website. They also offer a great deal more information about the credit cards they feature than a simple list of interest rates.

The Credit Card Chaser begins by listing no fewer than fifteen categories of credit cards on its home page. Shoppers can always expect to find the best cards in each category prominently displayed on the site. Categories include airlines, travel, hotel, and dining and gasoline credit cards.

Other shoppers may be searching for the best business credit cards, the best cards for students or the best rewards, cash back or balance transfer credit cards.

The credit card chaser also provides information and appropriate credit card choices for consumers who have had credit problems in the past or who are looking for secured credit cards.

Comparison websites will also feature and promote non-credit cards, such as prepaid cards, gift cards and debit cards. No matter what types of credit cards you may be looking for, the Internet makes shopping for credit cards a breeze.

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