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Gas credit cards are a popular choice among consumers who are looking to save money on fuel costs. When you are looking for credit cards with gas rewards, it pays to read the fine print so that you understand all the terms and conditions before you fill out the application. Many of the same advice that replies to responsible credit card use like knowing the terms and making timely payment are also critical in managing reward credit cards.

Interest Rates On Gas Credit Cards

The idea of getting a lower price on gasoline may distract you from considering how much you will be paying in fees and interest for the privilege. Unless you know that you won’t be carrying a balance from month to month, the higher interest rates charged by gas credit cards may not be worth it. However, if you can commit to paying off your balance each month, you may actually be able to benefit. You’ve got to do the math. There are several online credit card calculators, usually available at no cost, to help you make this determination.

Some credit card companies will offer a higher percentage of rewards for a limited time only to new customers. Be sure that you read through the description of the benefits you get by choosing a particular gas credit card carefully. Even if you find a card with what you consider generous rewards, the credit card company can change the terms of your agreement at any time.

As a cardholder, you will be notified of the lower rewards level, but chances are good that you will be given little notice of the change. Unless you are prepared to apply for and switch the balance owed on your gas credit card to one issued by another company, you have to accept the new terms you are being offered.

Find Out How To Claim Rewards

Your rewards may not be issued automatically. With some cards, you will have to formally request that you be issued the rebate. You may need to claim your reward within a specific time, such as six months or a year, or you will lose it entirely. Again, this is also subject to change depending on the terms you agree to initially.

Gas Retailers Included In Rebate Programs

When you are considering gas credit cards, you will want to make sure that the gas stations you are most likely to visit are participating in the rewards program. If getting a discount on the cost of filling up your vehicle is your main reason for considering this type of card, you want to be sure you are getting the benefit of having it in your wallet. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to change your habits. It’s best if you can find a gas card that works where you already fill up the most.

Other Rewards

You can also qualify for cash back on purchases other than gasoline. The rewards may also be offered on purchases made in restaurants, at the movies, and at grocery stores. Travel purchases may also qualify for rewards.

Some cards will give customers a credit on their account at the end of a billing cycle. Other gas credit card companies will issue a check to the cardholder, while other cards entitle the customer to gift certificates they can use to buy any item they choose.

How To Find Gas Credit Cards

Finding credit cards that will help you save money on gas isn’t difficult. An online search will give you a number of options to choose from. Like you would with other financial products, you will want to shop around before deciding which card you want to apply for.

Do make notes of the different cards you are considering as you do the leg work to find the right one for you. After a short time, it’s easy to become confused about the advantages that each one offers, especially if there are different categories of rewards associated with the card. You might find it helpful to make a list of the features that are most important to you and write down the particulars for each card you are considering.

When you are comparing the cash back rates and annual interest rates for the different cards, consider that the higher the cash back rewards, the higher the interest rate may be. You will have to decide what rate of interest you are willing to pay to get a better price when you buy gas.

When you have questions about credit cards, don’t hesitate to contact the credit card company to get the matter clarified. Many companies have customer service agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. Once you have an answer to your question, you can make a better decision about which card to apply for.

Compare Gas Credit Cards Today!

Consider your choice of gas credit cards carefully to ensure that you get the right one for your needs. You don’t have to go it alone when you are trying to narrow down your choices. The free credit card chaser at the top of this page is here to help. Start comparing gas credit card offers available to you right now!

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