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Home improvement credit cards are a good way to get much needed work done to your home. There are some home improvements that can’t wait and if money is an issue, a credit card might be the way to go. Home improvements can also be an investment. If you are looking to sell you home, you can get back the cost of many of those home improvements if you spend wisely. If you are considering a home improvement credit card, here are some of the choices available.

Chase Home Improvement Rewards Credit Card

The Chase Home Improvement Rewards Credit Card was designed especially for home improvements. For the first six months, this card offers a 0% APR. Every dollar spent on home improvement is matched with 3 points. You can redeem these points for rewards or for cash back. That equals 3% cash back on all home improvement purchases. Each statement comes with tips about home improvement and cardholders receive an e-newsletter from The Family Handyman magazine.

Sears Gold MasterCard

As most people know, Sears is a company that provides a lot of materials for home improvements. Since you can get a lot of what you need at their store Sears offers the Sears Gold MasterCard. Each eligible purchase earns one point. Points can them be redeemed for Sears gift cards allowing you to purchase more for your home improvement needs. In addition to these features, Sears offers special savings for card holders only on appliances, Craftsman tools, electronics, washers, and dryers.

Home Advantage MasterCard

The Home Advantage MasterCard is from Bank of America. This card has a unique way of helping with home improvements. It helps you pay down your mortgage. For every $1 in purchases you receive a point. Every time you earn $5,000 points they can be redeemed for cash and put directly onto your mortgage. Also, you earn double points when shopping at Lowes or Home Depot. Within a year there is no limit to how many points you can earn. This card is only for those with excellent credit.

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

If you want to purchase all your home improvement materials from one store a consumer credit card may be the way to go. The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers no payment and no interest for six months when you open an account and spend $299 or more. At special times throughout the year, Home Depot offers longer time frames with no interest or payments. After the introductory period, the interest rate is 17.99%-26.99%.

Lowes Project Card

The Lowes Project Card was created to help individuals accomplish major home improvement projects. This card gives a six month window to finish a project with no payments and no interest due. If you are approved, they will estimate how much your particular project will cost and give you a credit line to match. Interest rates start out at 7.99%. Before you apply for the card, you can use Lowe’s Project Estimator which will let you know how much credit to apply for.

Home Projects Visa

The Home Projects Visa does just what its name implies. It provides quality financing and offers especially for Home Projects. There is no annual fee and an open line of credit for those who qualify. This is a quick decision card so once you apply you should know the same day if you are approved or not. In addition to this, there are special deals offered for wall systems, lawn and garden landscaping, pools, fencing, curbing, pavers, and outdoor living décor.

Discover More

One way to save money on home improvement projects is by getting a cash back card. Discover More starts with a 0% interest rate and offers 5% cash back on purchases at department stores, gas stations, restaurants, and home improvement stores. All other purchases earn 1% cash back. When finishing a home improvement project, 5% cash back can really add up quickly. You can put this money back into your home improvement project.

Menards Big Credit Card

Menards is a leader in home improvement and offers the Menards Big Credit Card. This card offers a 2% rebate on anything purchased at Menards. When you charge your first $100, you will get a $10 store gift card. There is no annual fee and you will receive special savings just for card holders. Applications are approved in 60 seconds and you can shop online using your card.

What Home Improvement Card Is Right For You?

As you can see, there are many choices available when it comes to home improvement credit cards. But what home improvement card is right for you? To help you decide you can use the credit card chaser device on this page to compare offers from different companies. After using the tool, you’ll have a great idea of which card best meets your needs. Find out now!

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