How can I get the lowest APR credit cards?

lowest APR credit cardsYou can get the lowest APR or Annual Percentage Rate credit cards by having a strong, solid credit history with a credit score of 700 or better. Consumers who display a certain level of respect for the credit card system and maintain a healthy relationship with their creditors are those who receive the best offers.

Make sure you always take the time to find low APR credit card providers, and compare which providers work for you!

To confirm that you are eligible to apply for a low APR credit card, request a copy of your most current credit report and review the information very carefully. Make sure everything listed is accurate; even the tiniest detail should not be overlooked. If you are satisfied with your report, you can start researching credit card companies.

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One excellent choice includes the More Card, from Discover. This credit card offers a 0% APR to start with and you can enjoy this rate for over a year. This is also the rate for balance transfers. Additionally, the standard APR is a low 10.99% and there is no annual fee.

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In addition to a bonus cash back of $100, the 0% APR and 0% balance transfer features are indeed a plus. This credit card also has no annual fee and carries a comparable regular 11.99% variable APR.

There is of course a host of other credit cards to review, just make sure you read the terms and agreements portion of each company. They all vary and recent changes in the laws have required them to disclose much more information. Be sure you are aware of your financial requirements before completing the application process.

New Rules that Apply to Credit Card APRs

The rules that apply to the APR are mainly based on communication. Previously your credit card company was allowed to increase your APR without further explanation. Now, you must be given 45 days notice before your rate increases. This gives you the option to accept the new rate or close your account.

There are stipulations involved with all low APR cards, so be sure to read your agreement carefully.

Any new customer of 12 months or less cannot receive an increase in the APR until the end of the first year. This rate must remain fixed unless specific circumstances ensue. Again, this is where your contract agreement becomes extremely useful. These laws are applicable in the majority of situations, but you should know all of the facts.

lowest APR credit cardWith the passing of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 or CARD, the major credit card companies were required to re-evaluate the way they do business. Many were scrutinized for charging excessive fees or applying APR increases to accounts without clear, concise justification. Now, they must comply or face harsh penalties.

Unfortunately, years later, many Americans are still not aware of these new changes. A study on shows only 57% of United States citizens know about the CARD Act; while 30% have no idea it even exists. Rounding out the group are people who have some knowledge, but are not quite clear on the specifics. Consumers must educate themselves to take advantage of these benefits.

Low APR Credit Cards for College Students

Discover Card has a host of credit cards geared towards college students. They all offer 0% APR for anywhere from six to nine months and the standard APR is also the same, 13.99%. Selecting your perfect credit card will depend on your personal requirements.

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The Citi Forward Credit Card for College Students is also very widely recommended. The name alone explains who it is designed for and the low APR of 13.99% is why it is so attractive to this demographic. While you will need good credit to qualify for this credit card, it is worth working towards achieving.

The Wells Fargo College Card may not be as popular as the other two listed, but you should definitely take a good look at the features offered. The APR is an incredibly low 5.9% for six months and after evaluating your credit worthiness, only increases to 13.15%.

Raise Your Credit Score

The fastest way to raise your credit score is to pay your bills on time. If you can manage to make consistent payments and even pay your balance in full, you are more likely to see an improvement in your overall credit score within the first 24 months of acquiring your first credit card.

Essentially, your risk lies in your spending habits and the manner in which you repay your debts.

If you keep your costs low and monitor your expenses carefully, you will be able to keep your transactions to a minimum. This helps prevent overspending, which always reflects negatively on your credit report.

Qualifying for a credit card with a lower APR can be challenging, especially if your credit score has taken a slight hit or two over the years. The good news is there are some credit card companies that understand imperfections and can still give you comparable rates.

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