How do I get a cash advance from a credit card?

In some situations, a person with a credit card account may need to make a purchase where the vendor doesn’t accept credit cards. They may need to get some cash to deal with an unexpected bill or simply to tide them over until the next time they get paid. Getting a cash advance from a credit card is a way to get the funds you need from your account.

What is a Cash Advance?

how to get a cash advance from a credit cardA cash advance is a way to access funds from your credit card account. Your credit card company may not treat this type of transaction in the same way that it does a purchase. When you pay for something using your credit card, there is a certain grace period that you are given before interest starts to accrue on the amount you spent.

Cash advances are not dealt with in the same way as a purchase is. For one thing, there is no grace period involved. You will be charged interest on the amount of the withdrawal until it is paid in full.

What to Consider Before Taking Out a Cash Advance

Before you make the decision to take out a cash advance on your credit card, think about how much the transaction is really going to cost you. You may be charged an extra fee by the credit card company for doing so. If you go to an ATM to access your account, you may be required to pay an ATM fee as well.

After you have taken the cash advance, the credit card company may credit any payments you make toward interest on purchases first. Unless you make a large payment, you may end up paying interest on the amount of the cash advance for some time. Since the interest charges are added on a daily basis, you will end up paying a lot more than the original amount of the cash advance.

How to Get Cash from Your Credit Card Account

Getting a cash advance from your credit card account is a relatively easy process. You can use a cash machine from your bank or visit an automatic teller machine (ATM) for assistance.

To get cash from your credit card account, you will need to get a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the credit card company.

Some of them will assign you a PIN when you open the credit card account, while others will issue one on request. Since it will take a few days to receive the PIN in the mail, it’s a good idea to plan for the possibility that you may need to consider getting a cash advance from your credit card before you find yourself in that situation.

credit card cash advanceIf the company doesn’t automatically issue a PIN when you open the account, contact the company and ask it to issue you a number. Memorize the number so that you have the information you need ready when you need it. If you are concerned that you won’t be able to remember the PIN, store it in a safe place for future reference. Don’t put it in your wallet or keep it with your credit card.

To use a banking machine to get a cash advance, you would use your credit card in the same way as you normally use a bank card to make a withdrawal from your account. You need to input your PIN and the amount you would like to withdraw. The machine dispenses the cash and the amount of the transaction is posted to your credit card account.

Another option for getting a cash advance on your credit card is to use a check issued by the credit card company. These special checks would be delivered to your home and can be used in the same way as a personal check. You can use them to make a purchase or pay a bill. If you prefer to use them for cash, you can make the check payable to yourself and deposit the funds in your account. Once the check is received by the credit card company, it is processed and the amount is posted to your credit card account.

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