How do I prevent credit card fraud?

Statistics show rampant rates of credit card fraud. As technology improves it is becoming easier and easier for thieves to seize valuable credit card information. So you are probably asking yourself, how do I prevent credit card fraud? Having this valuable knowledge can save you grief, work, damage to your credit score and much more. Every single person in America should know exactly how to prevent credit card fraud so they can lower their risk of being a victim.

Before You Even Get The Card

One of the easiest ways for criminals to commit credit card fraud is to take out a card in your name, using pre-approved credit card offers that come in the mail. These can be obtained by stealing them directly from mailboxes that are unlocked and near the street making it easy to grab the contents and go, before anyone even notices. In addition, people who dispose of such offers without taking the time to shred them, also make it easy for crooks to get their hands on their personal credit card offers.

To reduce your chances of having a card opened in your name, it is a great idea to opt out of pre-approved offers. It is easy to do by going online and doing it at or by phoning (888) 5OPTOUT (888-567-8688). You can also improve the security of your mail by changing the way you get your mail. Instead of a curbside mail box, a mail slot in your front door or a keyed postal box are much better choices. You may also be able to get a locked curbside mail box. Check with your local post office for more details.

The other type of credit card fraud that happens before you get your card is when thieves intercept your card in the mail, before it gets to you. Because of required activation from the account phone number, this is becoming harder to do. However, it still occurs. The best way to prevent it is to improve your mail box security as mentioned above.

The Way You Use Your Credit Card

Every time you use your credit card, you are putting yourself at risk of being the victim of credit card fraud. Whenever a waiter or salesperson person walks away or even turns their back with your card in their hand, the possibility exists that they will steal the numbers, including the security code on the back of the card. Therefore, whenever possible, watch how your card is being handled. Ask to pay at the counter in restaurants where possible. If you suspect your card is being copied, skimmed or photographed, ask the individual what they are doing right away. If you witness it happening, ask to speak with a manager and contact the police. Yours is certainly not the first or only card to be stolen in this manner.

If a mistake is made with your credit card, request the bad receipt. You can destroy it yourself in order to make sure the information is not stolen. Be sure to also destroy any carbon paper that is used with your credit card. When shopping online, only use sites that are secure. Remember to log out after a transaction using your credit card to reduce the chance of having your information stolen. Using your credit card wisely will help to keep it safe.

Securing Your Credit Card Information

Giving out your credit card information is something that you should only do if you trust the company you are dealing with and are sure you are dealing with who you think you are. Many scams consist of companies contacting you by email or phone, claiming to be a reputable company. Once you give them your credit card number information, they will use it and/or sell it and you will be the victim of fraud. Give out such information only after you contact the company yourself, to be sure you are dealing with the right firm. Be sure to never send your credit card information through email as it is not secure.

Carry only credit cards that you are planning to use. Carrying multiple cards increases the chances of losing one or having it stolen and you may possibly not even miss it until you get the bill. Do not allow other people to use your credit card, even family members.

If you move, make sure to change your address, so your statements and any replacement cards follow you and no one else gets them. Shred your statements when you are done with them. You can also opt for online statements to reduce the possibility of someone getting your statement and using your credit card information.

Now that you know the best ways to prevent credit card fraud, you are ready for a brand new credit card. Start afresh with a new card and implement all the credit card fraud tips you have learned. Find the best card for you by comparing the credit cards that are out there with our free credit card “Chaser” tool. Before you know it, you’ll have a card that perfectly fits your needs and your identity will be safer than ever.

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