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Simmons First National credit cards may be a great choice for your credit needs. Simmons First National Bank is a financial banking institution based out of Arkansas. It provides business and consumer banking services to its regional market area. In addition to its core banking business, Simmons First National offers several premium credit card products.

Similar to other local or regional banking organizations, Simmons First National has the capital reserves necessary to provide financial stability, while maintaining a reduced level of exposure to national and international financial risk. Instead of offering hundreds or even dozens of credit products, like most national credit and financial organizations, Simmons only offers a few different products that provide a number of premium features for credit consumers who maintain superior credit ratings.

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Simmons First Visa Platinum Credit Card

One of the best credit card products available is the Simmons First Visa Platinum card. Not only does the card offer the universal acceptance of Visa at merchants and ATMs worldwide, but it offers incredible insurance coverage on consumer purchases, travel, car rental/damage waiver, and emergency cash protection. In addition, this product comes with a 7.25% variable annual percentage rate (APR) with no annual fee. The only downside is that this card is not currently eligible for any type of rewards program through Simmons.

Simmons First Visa Gold Select/
Simmons Visa Classic

Simmons also offers the highly recognized Simmons First Visa Gold Select and the Simmons Visa Classic cards. These cards offer the same basic features of the platinum card (insurance coverage amounts are reduced, however). Like the platinum card, the gold and the classic cards don’t have a rewards program. However, the gold and classic cards do offer a low 10.25% variable interest rate with no annual fee. There is also a student visa product that is very similar to the classic card but with a 7.25% variable APR.

Simmons Visa Platinum Travel Rewards Card

Finally, Simmons offers a Visa Platinum Travel Rewards card. With a 9.25% variable APR, superior service features, and a rewards program that includes discounts and upgrades on air travel, cruises and hotel stays, as well as complete vacation packages with no blackout dates, restrictions, or exclusions. In addition, you can get rewarded with gift certificates for a number of popular family restaurants and car rental outlets; all at one point for every dollar spent.

The Importance of a Good Credit Score

One chief consideration when applying for a premier credit product such as any of the Simmons First National cards is that achieving approval for a card with a low APR, great service, great features, superior coverage, and/or one of the best rewards programs available requires really, really good credit.

The Simmons credit products are targeted primarily toward consumers and students with above average to excellent credit scores. This emphasizes the need to maintain or build a credit score and history that might qualify you for this type of product. When considering this type of credit card it is essential to understand that the financial institution places a high degree of importance on the credit history, behavior, and usage patterns of the potential card holder. As such, it might be practical to keep a few important tips in mind regarding building and maintaining your good credit.

Applying for cards you intend to use, using those cards without maxing out the balance, making regular/on-time payments and paying balances off in full within a four to six month period are some of the credit usage behavior patterns credit card issuers look for when assessing credit worthiness. Be sure your credit is accurately reported by the credit bureaus, maintain your credit security and defend against identity theft with reliable credit protection services, and discontinue credit accounts that you no longer use. Finally, remember that you have the ability to restrict unsolicited businesses from pulling your credit without permission.

Every time your credit is checked, it can reduce your credit score by three to six points. Contact all three credit bureaus to find out how you can restrict your credit file to keep these unwanted intrusions from occurring. Taking proactive measures like these will make your credit profile much more attractive to financial institutions like Simmons First National.

Compare Simmons First National Credit Card Offers

No matter where you fall on the credit scale, finding a good match between your credit needs and those products you will qualify for can be a job in itself. The free credit card chaser on this page was designed to guide you through the process. Just access the credit card comparison tool and in no time at all you’ll have all the information necessary to ensure you are only applying to those credit cards that will give you the features and benefits you value most. Let’s get started right now!

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