What are air miles credit cards?

air miles credit cardAir miles credit cards are credit cards that allow you to gain reward points whenever you spend money while using your card. Many credit card companies call them mile points, while some refer to them as simply earning miles.

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Air miles or airline credit cards are best used for people who travel frequently. If you don’t travel a lot, there are other rewards credit cards that will suit you better. Typically, you will not find reward credit cards or air mile credit cards for people with bad credit. Bad credit credit cards are usually classic credit cards.

What credit card companies have air miles credit cards?

Virtually every credit card company has air miles credit cards. If you are looking for a company that offers low interest credit cards as well as air miles, you may have to search a little harder. That is because the lowest interest credit cards are cards that do not offer any reward point.

The exception to this is credit union credit cards. Often credit unions offer the lowest interest rate credit cards even for their rewards credit cards. However, you often earn the fewest points when you join the credit union.

You can find a list of excellent credit card companies at JD Power and Associates where they list major credit card companies and how they ranked based on customer-based surveys. This list will provide you with a good place to start when searching for specific credit card companies from which to choose your rewards card.

You will also find that banks that are not listed in the survey provide air miles credit cards. You can check your local bank, national banks and credit unions. Some banks especially credit unions require you to be a member in order to apply for their credit cards. Make sure you know the terms and conditions including what kind of bank account you would need to open before you consider applying for a specific credit card from one of these types of institutions.

How I select the best air miles credit card?

air miles credit cardThere are many things to consider when you are considering applying for an air miles credit card. For example, are you looking for a low interest credit card or are you looking for credit card that will provide you with faster miles earned?

Many people assume a low interest credit card is the best option. However, in many cases if you do not intend to carry a balance on your credit card and it doesn’t matter what interest rate you are going to get, you should focus on the miles that you can earn.

Businesses may find there are advantages to having a business credit card. If you have to travel a lot in your business, using an air miles credit card to buy your daily supplies such as paper, ink, toner, paying cell phone bills and other daily or monthly expenses that you would normally pay cash for is an excellent way to earn miles.

Another thing that you should think about is a credit card that does not have blackout dates for the miles that you can earn. Often this means that you will have to choose a card with a slightly higher interest rate because they’re offering you more benefits. If you travel at all times of the year, this will benefit you more than a more restrictive card with a lower interest rate.

Do fees affect an air miles credit card?

Yes. In addition to interest and how many air miles you can earn on your credit card, you should also consider the fees that are associated with your card. Many credit card companies have an annual fee. Sometimes it is hundreds of dollars when you add in your employee credit cards to the mix. It is important to include this into your consideration.

If you need 25 employee credit cards and each has $100 annual fee, you could very well be spending the same amount as you do for travel for your employees. What’s more, if you plan to carry a monthly balance, you need to consider your interest rates as well as your annual fee.

This is going to take some thought on your part. You will need to sit down crunch numbers and figure out which option is going to best suit you in terms of how you spend money. If you’re an individual, this will not affect you in this way.

Are air miles credit cards better than other reward credit cards?

There are some types of reward credit cards that give you flexibility in terms of what your rewards are. Often you can choose between travel gift certificates or even cash. Many even include hotel stays when you earn your points. Having a card that adds these extra benefits can be more beneficial than an air miles credit card.

However, if you don’t intend to use your credit card reward points for anything other than flying you wanted to a close comparison between the standard rewards credit card and an air miles credit card. In some cases, an air miles credit card is going to offer you faster point earnings.

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