What kinds of deals credit cards are available?

Happy Woman Uses Deals Credit Cards To Get Online BargainsThere are a number of deals credit cards available, including cash back and rewards credit cards. Each individual or business owner has special needs or requirements when it comes to choosing a credit card, so even if the credit card you are looking for does not have special rewards associated with it, there may be other benefits that the card offers.

Use the online credit card finder to see available deals, and then compare them with other credit cards to find the right one for you!

Certain credit cards that are offered by specific businesses also often offer special deals and rewards in their stores when you use their credit card for your purchases.

What are cash back credit cards?

If you are using a cash back credit card or cash rebate card, it means that every time you make a purchase with the card you earn money. Each credit card varies as to the percentage of cash back that you earn. Many of them will pay you 1% cash back, which means that your account accumulates cash equal to 1% of the money spent on purchases.

The better cash back credit cards will often give you a bigger percentage, either for all purchases or for certain purchase categories. If you search, you will often find credit cards that offer 2%-5% cash back on things such as gas, dining, groceries, etc.

When looking for a cash back credit card, make sure to read the terms carefully. Often there are limits as to how much money you can earn. Some credit cards will automatically pay you the money you earned on a quarterly basis, while for others you need to request the cash. Also, look for special offers offered by credit card companies, such as bonus cash back when you first use your card.

What are rewards credit cards?

Rewards credit cards are similar to cash rebate credit cards in that you earn something every time you use the card. Instead of building up cash, you earn rewards points for every dollar you spend on purchases. Most credit cards will pay you one point for every dollar, although some may give you more for certain purchases or during a promotional time period.

Rewards credit cards usually have a minimum amount of points that are needed before you can redeem them for anything. Once you reach that amount, you can turn them in or continue to accumulate them for something bigger.

Most credit cards allow you to redeem your points for things such as plane tickets, hotel stays, gift certificates, or merchandise. Some rewards cards also allow you to redeem your points for cash.

Just like a cash back credit card, look closely at the rules. There may be:

  • A maximum amount of points you can earn in a year
  • A date in which the points expire
  • Other restrictions such as blackout dates for travel

What other deals do credit cards offer?

Deals and benefits are offered by credit cards in other ways besides points and cash. Cheap credit cards that have no annual fee save you anywhere from $25 to $75 or more a year, which is a deal in itself.

Many credit cards offer introductory deals such as a 0% interest for a certain amount of time on purchases. You may also enjoy this same bonus in regards to balance transfers.

Some credit cards offer a variety of benefits and rewards just for using their credit card. Many offer zero fraud liability, so if your card is stolen or lost and is used during that time, you are not responsible for the charges.

Many credit cards offer roadside assistance and travel assistance in the event you lost your card while traveling. Some credit cards offer a certain amount of optional coverage for travel insurance, car rental insurance , or even limited emergency medical coverage. Most of them also make it easy to get a hold of their toll free number if you ever need assistance in any way.

If you are a business owner and want a business credit card that offers deals, there are a number of those as well. Many business cards now offer rewards and/or cash back. Many also allow you to have multiple cards for employees and put a spending limit on each card.

To compare not only benefits and rewards of different credit cards, but also their terms and overall satisfaction, check out J.D. Power and Associates.

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