Citi Dividend Card for College Students

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The Citi Dividend Credit Card for College Students is one of the best cards to get if you are still in school. There are rebates available through this card when purchases are made, which helps out students who need a little bit of extra cash for beer money on the weekends.

Most student credit cards are not about building credit, but you can actually start building a solid credit history with the Citi Dividend College Student Credit Card.

While plenty of college students opt for a secured debit card that is actually controlled by their parents, the Citi Dividend credit card allows a college student to start getting on the good side of lenders. As long as you make your payments on time, you can start to improve your credit score with this card.

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No Annual Fee and 0% APR

citi dividend card for college studentsThere is no annual fee attached to this card. Any college student who decides to get cash rebates with this card will not have to worry about giving some of that money back through an annual fee.

You don’t have to pay interest on purchases with the  for College Students Citi Dividend credit card for the first seven months of usage. After the first seven months of using the card, your APR will depend on your past credit history.

Earning Cash Back

Certain purchase will give you extra cash back. When you are purchasing items related to travel or you shop in certain department stores, you will be able to earn a bit of extra cash back with every purchase.

You are able to get 1% cash back with all other purchases with the Citi Dividend college student card.

The cash that you earn with your purchases will be paid to you in Dividend Dollars. These Dividend Dollars will allow you to receive rebates in increments of at least $50. These payments will be made by check. It should also be mentioned that these rebate dollars that you can earn on a regular basis never expire.

You only need to make a purchase once every 12 months with your Citi Dividend Card for College Students for your rewards to stay active.

This means you have more flexibility when it comes to the ability to receive cash back on purchases.

Complete Control Over Your Card with Extra Features from Citi

You can customize your Citi Dividend College Student card with any picture that you have on your computer or phone. The Citi Photocard option is something that comes with most of the new Citi cards these days, and this is a great way to make sure that everyone knows that this card belongs to you.

You can even add your signature to the front of the card for extra security. It would be rather difficult for a thief to use this card after stealing it from you.

college students credit card by citi dividend

This card also comes with the modern fraud protection services that you should expect from any legitimate card these days. Whether your card is stolen or lost, you will be able to make sure that no one else is able use your Citi Dividend credit card once you figure out that there is a problem.

You don’t need to worry about damaging a rental car when you use this card because rental collision damage is waived when you use this credit card.

This can take off a lot of the stress involved with driving a rental car, and it’s nice to be able to drive around in a new city without that added stress on your shoulders.

You get protection from faulty products and theft when you use this card. Whenever you purchase something at a retail store, you will have 90 days to get your money back in a situation where that product was lost, stolen, or damaged. This is a benefit that is very useful if something happens to a new computer or some other type of expensive item a few months after you purchased it.

When you use the Citi Dividend credit card, you get to work with the largest provider of credit cards in the world.

Citi serves more than 150 million people across the globe, and they are the perfect company to work with when you are just starting to get your feet wet in the world of credit and borrowing money.

Their cards are used in more than 100 countries as of today.

Getting Approved is Easy

Most of the reviews online of people who have applied for this card talk about how it was easy to get approved with no previous credit. You should be able to get a rather high limit if this is your first credit card.

One last perk of this card is that you do not need your parents to help you sign up for the first time. As long as you do not have any credit issues in your past, you should be able to get approved for the  College Students Citi Dividend Card without a cosigner.

Is There Anything Not to Like?

citi dividend credit cardsWhile there are plenty of things to like about this card, there is one aspect of the Citi Dividend Credit Card for College Students that most people are not going to enjoy. There is a limit to how much money you can get back through the rebates on a yearly basis, and that limit is only $300.

The good news here is that $300 is actually a good bit of money for a college student, and most college students do not have the spending habits that would create a situation where they could max out their yearly rebate limit.

It should be pointed at that this yearly limit does not count when you are making purchases through the Citi Bonus Cash Center. This is basically an online store that allows you to use your rebate cash before you get it sent to you to spend anywhere in the world.

It should also be pointed out that anyone who is getting Dividend Dollars from balance transfers does not need to worry about this limit either.

Extra Perks with the Citi Dividend College Student Credit Card

The perks listed here are not going to apply to everyone, but they could sway your decision if one of these features could have an impact on your spending habits.

  1. Since this is a card from Citi, you will be able to manage your account from your desktop computer, phone, laptop, or tablet. When you are able to access your account from anywhere, it makes it easier to make your payments on time and stay on top of your spending habits.
  2. You can get this card with an average credit score. Most college students have not done much to damage their credit scores at this point during their lifetimes, so almost anyone who is in college and taking classes should be able to gain access to this card.

What’s the Verdict?

At the end of the day, it would be pretty difficult to find a card for college students that works better than the Citi Dividend Card. With no annual fee, you don’t have to worry about making extra payments when you’ve never done anything wrong. If you are a parent, then this would be a solid card to get your young adult as they learn about responsibility and taking care of themselves in college.

student credit card by citiThe most amazing aspect of this card is the fact that you can actually earn cash back on purchases.

Most college credit cards are just about building a solid credit score if they offer any incentive at all, so this kind of rebate system is rather rare in a card that is made for college students.

The fact that you can earn 2% cash back from popular categories that rotate throughout the year makes this feature that much better.

When you look at all of the different features of this card, it’s rather difficult to find any negatives. If you are someone who will probably spend more than $30,000 per year with this card, then you may need to go with another option because the maximum amount you can earn with the rebate program is $300.

Having said that, finding a college student who spends that much every year is a rarity.

If you are looking for your first credit card as a college student, then this is the one to get. You do not have to worry about anything but making your payments on time, but then again, that is something that is much easier said than done. If you want to be able to build a positive credit history while you are still in school, then this is the card for you.

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