I’m not a U.S. Resident. Can I get a credit card?

If you’re a non U.S. resident, obtaining a credit card in the United States is difficult and while it can be done, there are many legal issues to first overcome. You may need to consult a lawyer to be sure everything you are doing is legal and you should proceed cautiously with companies promising you an easy way to obtain a U.S. bank account.

Banks are Hesitant to Issue Non U.S. Resident Credit Cards

getting a credit card if not a residentU.S. Banks are hesitant to issue credit cards to non U.S. residents because of the high risk of unpaid debt that can be accumulated and abandoned. Credit cards are a legal and binding agreement but they are also a form of trust. Very simply, a credit card company pays your debt for you and then trusts you will in return pay your debt to them. If you max out your cards and refuse to pay your bill, the credit card company has every legal right to take you to court and will most likely be awarded judgment in the case. You will be held legally responsible for paying your debt or face severe consequences and hefty penalties.

If you are a non U.S. resident and max out your U.S. credit card, you still have the same legal agreement, only now it is a lot harder for the credit card company to actually take you to court and collect judgment. It is very difficult to collect debt from someone who disappears into another country. Therefore, since there are a handful of dishonest people in the world, all non U.S. residents must pay the price by being declined a U.S. credit card.

The Requirements of a Non U.S. Resident Credit Card

In order to obtain a U.S. credit card you usually need a U.S. address. Some non U.S. residents are living in the United States and working or going to school in the United States, so having proof of a U.S. residence may not be that difficult. You need a physical address because P.O. Boxes are not usually acceptable forms of mailing addresses for obtaining a credit card.

Credit card companies do not typically issue credit cards if you do not have a valid social security number.

It is possible to get a social security number as a non-resident, but it does entail some legalities.

There are three types of social security cards that are issued. The first one is the most common one and has no work restrictions. In addition to U.S. citizens, permanent resident aliens can receive this card.

not a US resident - can I get a credit cardThe next type of social security card is issued to non U.S. citizens who are legally in the United States but do not have a work permit. This card is required for the card bearer to receive certain benefits or services as required by law.

The third kind of social security card is issued on a temporary basis to non U.S. citizens that are authorized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to work in the United States.

No matter what your status is, it is free to apply for a social security card and it can be done online or in person at a local Social Security office.

Another obstacle in obtaining a U.S. credit card if you are a non U.S. resident involves being physically present in the United States. If you find a bank that will issue you a credit card despite being a non U.S. resident, you will more than likely need to have documents notarized and be present to sign paperwork.

How to Get a Non Resident U.S. Credit Card

There are a couple of ways to go about obtaining a non resident U.S. credit card. The first and most inexpensive way is to call different U.S. banks and simply ask if they will issue a credit card to you as a non U.S. resident. While this sounds simple enough, it is a time consuming task that requires diligent searching and contacting of numerous banks before you may find one that will even consider honoring your request!

You can hire a lawyer to help you with the legalities of obtaining a U.S. residential address and the appropriate social security card.

There are lawyers who specialize in this and can help you get through the process quicker, but it is also more expensive than doing the legwork yourself.

A third alternative is available, but requires cautious consideration and some skepticism. There are many services that offer to give you all the information you need to obtain a non resident U.S. credit card for a mere $40. While the service may be genuine and could be a small investment worth considering, it could also lead you nowhere and simply leave you out of pocket on the fee.

While it is not easy to obtain a credit card as a non U.S. resident, it can be done. If you have all of your legal paperwork and are willing to put forth some due diligence, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of a U.S. credit card. To find various credit card deals now, use our online credit card finder tool provided at no expense to you! Get started finding the best credit card today!


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