Where can I get a list of phone numbers for credit card companies?

credit card company phone numbersIf you are looking for a comprehensive list for credit card companies, you’re going to be disappointed. There are several problems with finding a list. The first issue is that credit cards can be distributed by virtually anyone who agrees to the best credit card deal. Secondly, your debt may no longer be owned by a credit card company. Lastly, there is simply no system in place requiring credit card companies to provide information for a directory.

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This does not mean that you cannot find phone numbers for creditors. The idea of a comprehensive list for all creditors is what you will not find. There are several places at which you can find a list of some credit card companies and, of course, you can search for credit card companies and their phone numbers by name.

Where can I get a list of phone numbers for the credit card companies I owe money to?

First of all, there should be a phone number for your credit card company on your credit card bill. If you get your bill online, then, that information should be on your electronic bill.

You can also do an online search for the credit card company in question and find their phone number that way. Using the Yellow Pages, or other similar sources can work as well.

If you’re having trouble finding the phone number for creditor because your debt is in collections then it’s time to access your credit report. When a creditor or debt collector put information about you on a credit report, they are required to put their own contact information on the report as well. If your debt has been sold to another company, the current information will be on your credit report.

What can I do when the credit card company won’t help me?

It can be very frustrating to talk to some credit card companies. Many are excellent and will provide you with all the help they can to help get your situation resolved. However, some companies will deliberately stonewall you in an effort to increase the fees you owe by causing you to be late or later on your bill.

The good news is that sites such as Ctwatchdog.com, have compiled a list of some of the more prominent credit card companies and their backdoor phone numbers. What this means, basically, is that they are providing phone numbers for people that you normally wouldn’t be able to contact about your problems. Supposedly, these are the people that can help you.

If you are having problems with paying credit card debt and need the help of the credit card company to resolve that debt, but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, then you might want to seek the help of consumer credit counseling services. You can visit Justice.gov for a list of approved credit counseling agencies for the state in which you live. This information is provided by the United States Department of Justice.

credit card company phone numbersHow can I tell if it is a creditor that is calling me?

When you’re in debt, one of the frustrating things that occur is that you get calls from credit card debt collectors. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether you’re being called by a debt collector, your credit card company, or someone who’s trying to defraud you and get your personal information.

A good rule of thumb is to never provide personal information via phone when someone calls you. Some debt collectors and even credit card companies want to verify your identity by asking you to provide them with your Social Security number. However, this is also an excellent way for an identity thief to get your personal information.

When someone calls you and your caller ID cannot identify the phone number, consider using reverse lookup from sources such as the Yellow Pages. If the number doesn’t show up, don’t provide the person with your information, as you are not required to do this anyway.

If the credit card company or the debt collector threatens you with consequences that are more serious because you aren’t cooperating with them on the phone, you need to check with the Federal Reserve’s website, to ensure that your rights weren’t violated by the company that spoke with you.

With the new credit card rights, there are severe limitations as to how creditors can approach you in terms of collecting debt. If they are violating these rules, you have recourse and you should pursue whatever action you are able to take.

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