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There are multiple Integra Bank Credit Card options to choose from. In fact, this bank specializes in offering credit cards that meet the needs of people from different walks of life.

Owning a credit card is standard for most adults. However, not everyone treats credit the same way or needs it for the same reasons. By learning a little about your spending habits and how you deal with credit cards, you will be ready to choose from the different traditional and reward credit cards offered by Integra Bank and other issuers to meet your specific needs.

When you start looking around at your credit card options, look no further than an online credit card offer comparison tool and have the time-consuming part taken out of getting the right credit card.

Integra Bank Credit Card Options

Integra Bank offers 5 different consumer credit cards. The Visa Signature credit card gives exclusive privileges. There is no annual fee associated with this card. You can earn up to 1% cash back unlimited or can opt to redeem points for merchandise, travel or gift certificates.

The Integra Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card has an enticing 0% introductory APR. With no annual fees, this card is simple yet reliable.

College Reward Visa lets students start to build their credit while accumulating rewards. In addition this type of student credit card does not charge a yearly fee.

The Secured Visa card by Integra Bank is backed by your own money. Secured credit cards are the perfect way to establish or build up your credit. You can get a limit of up to $5000 by depositing the same amount with the banking institution.

The Young Adult Visa card is another with no annual fee. It is ideal for those looking to rebuild or establish credit. Approval can be very quick if you have a qualified cosigner.

Integra Bank Credit Card for Business

More than just consumer cards, business credit cards are also offered by Integra Bank. These include one specifically for travelers, a rewards card and a simple credit card with no rewards program. They give you the standard benefits you expect to find with a business credit card.

The Platinum Rewards card and the traditional Visa have no annual fee and an introductory offer. The Business Travel card has a reasonable $50 fee annually per company with free cards for employees.

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