Monterey County Bank MasterCard Emblem Credit Card

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Monterey County Bank MasterCard Emblem Credit CardThere is not a lot of information available on this credit card. In fact, the Monterey Country Bank does not mention the Emblem credit card at all. After some research, it seems that the Emblem card is meant for people with low credit scores and is a special card offered through Jefferson Capital International.

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Since there is so little clear information available on this card, it might be best for someone with a low credit score to choose a more well-known option to improve their credit score like a secured credit card.

Along with a secured credit card, the cardholder should work with some type of professional organization to help manage any debt they have. If necessary, you can contact groups like the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

The Way a Secured Credit Card Works

The concept behind secured credit cards is fairly simple. The cardholder must first open an account with the bank or credit union issuing the secured card. They then put a deposit in this account, which protects the provider from the cardholder defaulting on the credit card. This deposit amount also determines the credit limit the cardholder will receive. If they want a higher limit, all they have to do is put more money into their account.

As long as they use the card properly by not going over their credit limit and making sure to always make their payments on time, their credit score should improve.

The provider reports this type of activity to the credit bureaus, so this is how the proper use of a secured credit card can raise someone’s credit score.

The People That Benefit the Most from a Secured Credit Card

There are two main groups that benefit the most from a secured card. These groups are young people with no real credit history, like college students, and people that have already damaged their credit score and are looking to get back on track.

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One Cardholder Review for the “Monterey County Bank MasterCard Emblem Credit Card”

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    Had this card for years …. can’t get CLI. Can’t find out to whom to speak. Card control is way, way, way back in the shadows

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