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The Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard is a debit card that works great for people who prefer using plastic to cash. The cardholder makes a deposit toward this prepaid card for any amount that he or she desires, and then that person can use the balance to purchases goods and services.

The RushCard is an easy way to manage finances and keep transactions simple.

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Why and how Consumers use the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard

pink diamond rushcard by prepaid visaConsumers use the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard because it has many conveniences and benefits. For one, it helps the consumer to stay in control of his or her spending. The person can only spend the amount that he or she deposited onto the card.

Therefore, there is no chance of the consumer accumulating overdraft fees like with traditional banking.

Consumers also enjoy the fact that cards with the Visa logo are so widely accepted. Cardholders can use the card with any of the millions of retailers that accept Visa. Users can literally make purchases across the United States and in other countries.

Additionally, a person can use his or her RushCard to perform online shopping or to pay for monthly memberships. Furthermore, this card is excellent for paying those monthly utility bills such as the electric, water and cable.

The Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard is a versatile card, which is why a wide majority of consumers prefer it.

In addition to its wide usage and money management benefits, the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard is also attractive and visually stimulating. It has a look of feminine elegance and class. Any merchant who sees a person take out this type of Rush Card will be under the impression that the cardholder is part of an elite class.

Qualifying and Applying for the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard

Qualifying for the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard is easy, since it is a prepaid card. The issuing company does not perform a credit check, because it is not extending any credit to the user. However, certain laws do require such a company to verify the identity of a cardholder before it issues the card.

Therefore, an applicant will have to submit such information as his or her name, address, birth date and social security number. Additionally, to obtain a Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard, the individual requesting the card needs to be 18 years of age or older, or 13 years of age with a parent’s consent.

Anyone who is interested in obtaining the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard can begin by visiting the website and entering his or her name. Next, the page will change to another page on which the person can select one of many alluring styles and designs for his or her card. Requesters can choose from a wide selection of pink, black and purple cards.

Choosing the Best Plan for the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard

After selecting a design for a card, the applicant must choose a particular plan. The Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard offers three plans from which the consumer can choose.

The Rush Unlimited Plan costs the cardholder $7.95 per month without a direct deposit, or $5.75 per month with a direct deposit.

This plan gives the cardholder the access to unlimited signature and pin transactions and free ATM withdrawals at over 23,000 machines. The plan also allows the person to pay only the low fee of $2.50 if he or she makes a withdrawal at an out-of-network ATM.

The Monthly plan selection is $9.95 per month for the cardholder. However, it allows the cardholder to have unlimited signature transactions and pin transactions for only $1. This plan also graces the cardholder with access to free ATM transactions at over 23,000 machines. This person will also receive two out-of-network withdrawals without charge, with a $2.50 per transaction charge after the initial graces.

prepaid pink diamond rushcardThe Pay As You Go plan has no monthly fee involved with it. The card company charges $1 for each signature or pin transaction. This person can also benefit from the free ATM withdrawals at over 23,000 machines.

The out-of-network ATM transactions will cost the cardholder $2.50. The best part about this plan is that the card company will reimburse all monthly transaction fees that are more than $10 the following month.

The objective is for the prospective cardholder to choose a plan that best suits his or her estimated frequency of use and situation.

For example, someone who is not going to make many purchases may prefer the Pay As You Go plan, while a person who receives direct deposits from work and will use the card a lot might prefer to select the Rush Unlimited plan.

How it Works

After an applicant applies for a Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard, he or she should receive the card within 7 to 10 business days. The person will have the option to load the card in one of three ways: direct deposit, PayPal, cash or checks, and transfers. For direct deposit, the cardholder can use his or her weekly employment paycheck or government benefits.

To initiate direct deposit, the individual needs to submit a pre-filled form to the paying party. The deposits will start showing up on the cards after approximately two weeks.

An individual can load cash onto the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard by visiting any of the thousands of participating retail locations, and putting the money onto a MoneyPak, Moneygram, WUReload, or Walmart Rapid Reload. The cardholder can find the names and addresses of participating cash load establishments by using the locator tool on the website.

Clients can also use PayPal to quickly transfer funds to the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard, or transfer funds from one card to another.

After the person loads the desired amount onto the card, he or she can immediately use it for bill payments, memberships, fuel purchases, restaurant sessions, and the like. The cardholder can spend only as much as he or she loads onto the card.

After the person uses the balance of the funds, he or she will have to place another deposit on the card to be able to use it.

Features and Benefits of the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard

Listed below are the following features of the Pink Diamond RushCard:

More Convenient than Cash - 

Cardholders do not have to carry around wads of money, nor do they have to worry about missing bill payments because they cannot make it to their destination with cash in time.

With the RushCard, the person can pay bills online instead of having to go out and buy a money order. Cardholders can visit stores, online shops, gas stations, movie theaters, and music sites. Furthermore, they can use it to obtain cash if they need to.

Consumer-Friendly Budgeting Options - 

With the Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard, the cardholder stays in control of his or her money. There is no way a person can overspend or overdraft, because the balance is the amount the person deposits to the card.

Additionally, the RushCard allows a person to set budgets, track spending, and get text and email alerts. Therefore, the individual is able to monitor his or her spending trends as well as the trends of the additional cardholders. This system is great for keeping expenses under a certain amount, or teaching teens about financial responsibility.

Mobile Access - 

Cardholders will always stay up to date on their balances by using the mobile applications to keep track. Android and iPhone users have the ability to download the RushCards apps so the user can manage his or her cards.

Zero Liability Policy - 

visa prepaid cardsNo one who has a Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard has to worry about being held accountable for fraudulent transactions or transactions made after a card has been lost or stolen.

In fact, the RushCard has a fraud detection service that alerts the provider at the first sign of fraudulent activity. Additionally, it will take measures to prevent such activity, such as locking the card until someone gets in touch with the cardholder.

Furthermore, anyone who loses the card or worries that it may have been stolen can feel confident that he or she will not have to pay a penny for the charges.

Helpful Accessible Customer Service -

No matter what the problem or the question, a Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard cardholder never has to worry about not being able to get in touch with someone. Customer service representatives are available by email, phone and traditional letter.

The representatives are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Their main goal is to provide each caller with a friendly attitude and prompt, accurate answers.

If a curious party needs a question answered immediately, he or she can also use the Frequently Asked Questions tool to find something relevant that someone has already answered.

Disputes and Account Closure

Anyone who has a dispute about a transaction made on his or her RushCard should immediately call customer service at at (866) RUSHCARD (866-787-4227). The person can call the same number if the card is lost or stolen. To avoid unauthorized pin charges, a cardholder should never give out his or her pin number.

Customer service specialists will deactivate a card immediately upon hearing of fraudulent charges. The individual will receive a new card in 7 to 10 business days. Those who would like to permanently close their cards may also request that customer service close the card. Because the card is prepaid, the representative can just deactivate it, and issue a check to the cardholder for the remaining balances.

Apply Now and Enjoy a Multitude of Benefits

rushcard prepaid visaOnce a person experiences the convenience of having a Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard, it will be difficult for that person to stop using it. With so many reasons to sign up for it, the RushCard line of products is becoming one of the most popular in the world.

It provides many conveniences that regular credit and debit cards offer without making the cardholder feel tied down to an agreement, contract, or bank account.

A prepaid card such as this will also give a young person an opportunity to learn about budgeting and dollar value. The parent could load a certain amount of money onto the card and evaluate how long it takes the teen to spend it.

The Prepaid Visa Pink Diamond RushCard is available for ordering online. Any consumer who wants to start out in the prepaid world can try this card today.

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