What credit card companies support golf?

What credit card companies support golfGolf is a big game and can be a big money game for credit card companies that support it. A number of credit card companies are all “fore” golf and show their support numerous ways.

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How do credit card companies support golf?

Credit card companies can support golf in a variety of ways. One of the most prominent ways is to sponsor a major golfing event. Such a move can put the credit card company’s name all over the banners, programs and other materials related to the event.

Another way credit card companies and card-issuing banks can support golf is through sponsorship of smaller golf tournaments and organizations. While such a move may not get them the same level of recognition and prestige as a larger event, it can be very good for local business.

Having their name on the back of a local team golf shirts, or receiving positive word-of-mouth recommendations are two ways credit card companies and banks may benefit from such a sponsorship.

Golf programs at schools, community centers, and youth clubs is another area where credit card companies and banks can show their support by funding events as well as donating funds and equipment.

Who is a big tournament supporter?

MasterCard is one credit card company on the PGA Tour sponsorship list, with the additional claim to fame of being the Preferred Payment System of the PGA Tour and Champions Tour, according to the PGA Tour website.

The MasterCard realm includes the Maestro and Cirrus credit cards and extends to sponsoring the golf scoreboards for 60 of the PGA Tour events every year. It is also the presenting sponsor the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

MasterCard goes all out for the PGA Tour, even issuing specialized PGA Tour, and Champions Tour Affinity Credit Cards to fans and other consumers. The company also notes tour officials use MasterCard Corporate Cards for their entertainment and travel expenses.

What companies cater to card holding golfers?

American Express caters to golfers who are AmEx cardholders, offering rewards and deals on golf-related services and merchandise.

Offers include using rewards credit card points to buy golf clubs from select vendors or redeeming reward credit card points for a round of golf at select locations, such as one of the credit rewards through Troon Golf’s courses.

The AmEx website also has a special section on its website dedicated to golf, with golfing videos, golf course reviews, and additional incentives to compel cardholders to use their AmEx card for golfing purposes.

Golf Digest magazine offers a reward credit card, issued by MasterCard that has a similar take with rewards for golf-related products and services. Although specific reports say this particular rewards credit card has been discontinued, the credit card application is still available on the Golf Digest website.

Golf Magazine has a rewards credit card issued by Visa, which also offers golf-related benefits. If you apply for and are approved for the rewards credit card, you automatically receive three free issues of Golf Magazine, the website says.

Once you receive the card, you are eligible for a number of other golf rewards. Spending $300 with the card, for instance, gets you one dozen personalized golf balls. Using the card to buy rounds of golf through specific vendors makes you eligible for receiving discounts on the rounds of golf.

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What about the local sponsors?

Finding out which credit cards may sponsor local golfing events, clubs or schools is best done by researching a specific event or organization you know has sponsors and inquiring if a credit card company may be one of them.

Even if no large-name credit card companies are supporting local golfing endeavors, local banks that issue credit cards may be doing so.

Sponsors, who donated money, whether they are credit card or other companies, are typically not shy about proclaiming their sponsorship. This means you may also see the credit card company’s name on programs, equipment, shirts, or scoreboards.

Other credit card companies may have other deals on their rewards credit cards for golf enthusiasts, or they may support golf by donating to the cause. Researching a variety of rewards credit cards is a good way to find out which rewards would be most beneficial for you, based on the activities you enjoy and the products you use.

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