Where can I find some secure online credit card companies?

secure on line credit cardsThere is a lot of concern lately about credit card identity theft and hijacking of personal information on the Internet. So knowing where to find a secure online credit card company is essential. It is important to stick with trustworthy companies and well-known websites when seeking secure online credit card companies.

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Successful entrepreneur and billionaire Bill Gates once said that security should be a top priority because of all the exciting things you can do with computers. For many of us, our whole lives can be found on our computer so the security measures we take to protect this information are critical, particularly when it comes to secure online credit card companies.

How can I avoid credit card fraud?

Just talk to a few friends and you are sure to find someone with a horror story about having their credit card information stolen, how long it took to make things right again, and the steps they wished they had taken to prevent it in the first place. Let their tragedy serve as your wake-up call by working now to ensure you don’t leave any crumbs for the thieves to find.

  • Keep your data private: One of the best ways to avoid credit card fraud is to not put any personal information on any website, but today this is almost impossible. There are many activities, from job applications to shopping outlets, that are exclusively online and you cannot take advantage of these offers without giving a certain amount of personal information. The critical thing is to realize when you are being asked for too much.
  • Treat your SS Number with care: Providing your social security number to an online site can be risky unless it’s a business with a solid reputation that you trust. Other information such as bank accounts and addresses can also be used to steal your identity.

When you find a company online, how do you know your information is secure?

In this era of Facebook and Twitter, where it seems like all information is open to the public, you may still find it nerve-wracking to put your personal information out in cyberspace. Rest assured that you are not alone. There are things you can look for to determine whether your information will be protected and handled with utmost secrecy.

  • First, check to see if the area where the website address appears has changed color. It should do this for a safe transaction.
  • Also, there should be a graphic that looks like a tiny padlock. If you click on this graphic, you can view information about how the company codes, or encrypts your personal data to make it next to impossible for anyone else to read. This window will also give you the name of the company that has verified the safety of the site, so you can contact them with concerns.

If you do not see these security measures, it would be wise not to use that site or provide any personal information. In addition, there are several online resources that have done the checking for you such as VeriSign.

What is a secured credit card?

When you don’t have a credit card, you can feel shut out from some of today’s most basic necessities, such as reserving a room or renting a movie in some venues. You also lose the convenience of being able to purchase something without the right amount of cash. Credit card purchases have surpassed cash payments for many years and are expected to become even more common in years to come.

A secured credit card has all the basic functions and benefits of a regular credit card. The main difference between a secured and unsecured credit card is that it is backed by your own cash or collateral. It offers a way out for anyone with past credit problems, such as bankruptcy or defaults, when being approved for a credit card can be difficult.

It is somewhat easier to get a secured credit card as opposed to a regular card. In most cases, your cost is between $20 to $100 to get started and there is often a small annual card fee. However, you may find the price to be worth it for the peace of mind you can receive from having access to all the benefits a credit card can offer.

You are not allowed to spend past your limit with a secured credit card, but it does allow you to make online purchases, sign up for electronic bill paying services and use it at any business where credit cards are accepted. The biggest benefit of having a secured credit card is to improve your credit score.

Each time you apply for a credit card, the company checks your credit history, which then affects your credit score. When you have a poor credit score, you will continue to be denied. Obtaining a secured credit card can get you off this credit merry-go-round and on the path to a better credit report. Most banks and established credit card companies offer a secured card option.

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