Where can I get a list of credit card companies?

list of credit card companiesYou can easily get a list of leading credit card companies by doing a basic search online. You can search for various types of credit cards  or just do a more general search to give you an idea of what is out there.

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You can also come up with a list of trusted credit card companies through a consumer rating website like J. D. Power and Associates. After finding the company you feel the most comfortable with you can learn about some of the most useful ways to use their cards to your advantage through websites like Smart Money.com

What are some of the more popular credit card companies?

There are many credit card providers out there, but some are much better known than others are. Companies like Chase, Capital One, and Bank of America are familiar and very trusted companies. Most companies offer Visa and Master Card credit cards, but the cardholder does not have to get these cards through another provider. They can apply for these cards directly at the Visa and Master Card websites.

What is a popular credit card offered by Chase?

The Chase Slate credit card is a great choice for someone that wants options when it comes to paying off their balance. This credit card has the Blueprint feature, which gives the cardholder more pay back options than just the usual minimum balance or full payment choices.

This card gives the cardholder a special no interest period on purchases and balance transfers for the first fifteen months. After this period is over the cardholder’s interest rate will be a variable 16.99%. This is a decent middle of the road interest rate. The interest rate for overdraft advances and cash advances is 19.24%.

This card also has a penalty annual percentage rate. The cardholder should know that if they make a payment late, have a payment returned, or go over their credit limit, their interest rate would be raised to 29.99%. This new interest rate will be permanent and can affect other accounts you have with Chase.

There is no membership fee for this credit card, but there are a few transaction and penalty fees. The fee for balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign transactions is 3%. There is a minimum fee amount of $5 for balance transfers and $10 for cash advances. The cardholder will have to pay $15, $25, or $35 for making a late payment depending on their account balance. The fee for a returned payment, going over the credit limit, or having a check returned is $35.

The Blueprint program is a unique approach to paying off a credit card balance. Like any other credit card, the cardholder can avoid interest charges all together by just paying off their balance in full. If the cardholder makes a significantly large purchase one month, they can choose to pay down that balance first with the split payment option. With the finish it option, the cardholder can pay off their balance faster on their own terms.

What is a popular credit card offered by Capital One?

One of Capital One’s more popular credit cards is the Cash Rewards credit card. This is a cash back credit card that lets the cardholder earn 1% back on all of their purchases. They will also earn a 50% bonus each year. This bonus calculates how much money the cardholder has earned over the year and gives them half of that amount.

This credit card offers no interest on balance transfers and purchases for the first year the card is active. After this year, the cardholder will have an interest rate based on their credit score of 12.9, 16.9, or 20.9%. The cash advance annual percentage rate is 24.9%. The cardholder should be careful that they never make a late payment since this card has a credit card penalty rate of 29.4%.

This card does not have quite as many fees as other credit cards. There is no annual fee, foreign transaction fee, or fee for going over the credit card limit. The transaction fee for cash advances and balance transfers is 3%. There is a minimum fee of $10 for cash advances. The fee for both late payments and returned payments is $35.

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