Where can you design your own credit card?

Where can you design your own credit cardPeople like to customize the things in their life, especially things they use often. When it comes to credit cards, most major banks offer some type of design feature so their cardholders can make a favorite photo their card’s design. Bank of America and Capital One have a design tool that lets a cardholder customize their new credit card and Chase has cards that let the cardholder choose from multiple design options.

You can use the credit card chaser to find a credit card that you can add your own design to today.

When you find a credit card with the features you want, you can research the provider further through the Better Business Bureau and JD Powers and Associates.

What type of credit card can I get through Capital One?

Capital One has a tool called Image Card that you can use when applying for a new credit card. If you are already have a Capital One credit card, you can redesign your current card and have a new one sent to you with your design.

One of the more popular Capital One credit cards is the Cash Rewards card. This credit card offers the cardholder a zero percent interest rate for both purchases and credit card balance transfers for the first year. Depending on the cardholder’s credit score, their regular interest rate will be 12.9%, 16.9%, or 20.9%. There is no special introductory interest rate for cash advances. This interest rate is a steady 24.9%.

The cardholder should be aware that this card also has a penalty annual percentage rate. A penalty interest rate can be viewed as a punishment for irresponsible credit card habits. In this case, the cardholder’s purchase interest rate will be raised to 29.4% if they make a late payment. If the payment is more than sixty days, late this penalty increase will be permanent.

There is no annual fee for this card. There is a three percent transaction fee for cash advances and balance transfers. The cash advance fee has a minimum of $10. There is no foreign transaction fee with this credit card. If a payment is made late or is returned there will be a penalty fee of $35. There is no fee for going over the credit limit.

What type of credit card can I get through the Bank of America?

Bank of America offers a customizing program similar to Capital One called Photo Expressions. There are many cards that the cardholder can add their own picture too. The Bank of America Cash Rewards card is a popular rewards card that lets the cardholder earn cash backon the purchases they make. The cardholder earns one percent back on all regular purchases, 2% back on credit card grocery purchases, and 3% back on gas purchases.

The cardholder will enjoy no purchase or balance transfer interest for the first year. Once the first year is over, they will have an annual interest rate between 12.99 and 20.99%. The interest rate for cash advances is between 20.99 and 24.99%.

This credit card also has a penalty interest rate. If the cardholder makes a payment late, their new interest rate will be raised to 29.99% permanently. When it comes to penalty annual percentage rates, most cardholders are unaware that they have one, which is why it is so important to read the fine print when getting a new credit card. Imagine the shock for the cardholder with good credit that had the 12.99% interest rate seeing their rates raised 17% just because of one late payment.

What type of credit card can I get through Chase?

The Chase Disney credit card lets the cardholder choose between eight Disney-themed designs. This credit card lets the cardholder show their love of all things Disney as well as gives them special Disney related perks.

This card would give the cardholder discounts at the Disney Store and Disney Store website. They will also receive savings at all Disney theme parks and on Disney vacation packages. If the cardholder buys a Disney vacation package, they will be given six months of no interest.

The regular interest rate for this card is between 13.24 and 16.24%, which is relatively low for a rewards credit card. The cash advance interest rate is 19.24% and the penalty interest rate is 24.24%. There is no annual fee for this card.

Search for cards you can customize with the credit card chaser!

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