How do I get the best credit card deal?

In order to get the best credit card deal possible you need to be aware of your spending habits and the offers available. By assessing the reasons and way that you intend to use your credit card, the interest rates attached, and any rewards you can locate an ideal credit card for your needs. Then, as long as you use it responsibly, you can improve or maintain your credit card rating, pay low fees and end up with some nice benefits.

Use of Card

First of all, decide what you will use this credit card for. Is it only for emergencies, or will you use it on a regular basis? Are you interested in racking up points for reward benefits, or is your main goal to build or improve a credit rating? Knowing this is important because different cards meet these different goals.

If your main purpose for getting this credit card is to build your credit rating then you can consider a secured credit card. For some cards like this you will need to deposit a set amount of money, and that is what you are allowed to spend. If you have poor credit right now, this means that the company takes no risk by offering you a card as you are guaranteed to pay it off. The great part for you is that you can build a record of on time payments without having the risk of going over your credit limit. They simply won’t allow it to happen.

Know Your Options

Once you are sure of your purpose you need to look at the options. In order to find out what sort of interest rates the different lenders are willing to extend to you, you will need to apply to a few different card services. Probably the quickest way to access several services at once is with an online tool like the free credit card chaser tool. Free tools like this one let you shop around, at no cost, and quickly and easily compare the benefits of several card providers.

In addition to the interest rate you will be charged, you need to decide if a reward card is going to benefit you. You can get reward card for things like free airline tickets, restaurant and shopping gift certificates, sports related events and a ton of other specialty freebies. Be cautious however, sometimes the higher rates and fees attached will make this attractive sounding option a losing situation financially. These cards work best for those folks who are able to pay off purchases immediately. That way you don’t accrue the interest and late fees that can negate an otherwise good reward.

Manage Your Credit

Ironically, the people who get the best credit card deals are those who have the best credit to begin with. If you don’t already know your credit score, find out. The three credit rating companies are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. You can request your report from each. Make sure these are accurate, because false reports do lower your credit score and impact the rates you are offered.

So, in order to get the best credit card deal you really need to do three things. First, get clear on your purpose for wanting a credit card, find out what interest rates you are eligible to receive and look for potential rewards. As long as you invest a minimum of time up front to compare your options, you are sure to end up with the best credit card deal possible.

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