How do I find the perfect credit cards for my needs?

perfect credit cards for your needsConsumers can be pulled in many directions when it comes to finding the perfect credit card. Young adults may opt for student credit cards while more established consumers might only be interested in the lowest interest rates. In order to find the perfect credit card, you need to know what you are going to be using it for. Rewards credit cards work well for those that travel frequently and balance transfer cards are suitable for people who want to reduce their debt.

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You may want to begin your search for the best credit card at any financial institution you have a relationship with. Banks and credit unions often given preferential treatment to their long-time customers. Alternatively, online resources that list the latest credit card promotions and details can also used to locate great credit cards.

How to Choose a Credit Card

Only the individual consumer will know what features and options are most important. While you may have your eye on a particular credit card, you will also need to figure out if you can be approved. It might be best to get a copy of your credit report and see what kinds of credit cards are realistic.

If you don’t have a good chance of being approved for an unsecured credit card, look for secure credit cards with the least amount of activation fees.

Interest rate, fees, rewards, and options are just some of the criteria that you should use to select a card. Also, there are premium credit cards that fall under the names of platinum, signature, and gold that may give a select number of applicants access to special services and perks. Some applicants are approved based on credit while others have professional associations or even seniority.

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Card Terms

credit card for your needsSometimes consumers can find and be approved for the best credit cards for their needs only to find that the specifications have changed. This can happen soon after getting a new credit card or even after years of patronage. Although you should not close your line of credit, you should start to look for a card that has the features you need.

Another reason that you should look for a credit card with better credit card terms is when you want to get a lower interest rate. Some credit cards have set interest rates that cannot be changed even if your credit score improves. By looking for a new credit card, you can get a better APR on your entire credit card balance. A good way to determine if you should search for a new credit card is to look up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau credit card agreement database to see how the change in rules will impact your monthly payments.

Breaking Up With Your Old Credit Card

Opening or closing a credit card account can change your credit rating significantly. Closing a credit card that has been open for an extended period will almost certainly cause your score to tank. Unfortunately, many consumers do this when they no longer want to do business with their old credit card companies. Even if you do not agree with a recent change in policy, you should not act rashly when it comes to credit card accounts.

Ohio State Research Communications reports that having a low credit card balance does not necessarily guarantee that you will get a lower rate on your credit card. In fact, consumers with good credit are somewhat expected to carry higher balances. You won’t be penalized for switching from a primary to a secondary credit card, but there could be an impact on your credit score.

Your credit report is likely to suffer a huge blow if you apply for too many credit cards at one time during your quest for the best card.

Ask your close family members or your spouse if you can be added onto their credit card accounts as an authorized user if you are concerned about your credit. It is imperative that you find someone who is financially responsible or else you could be stuck paying the bill. Use whatever credit cards you have available to you, but hold off on closing your accounts and applying for new lines of credit until you are sure what your goals are.

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