Halloween is an exciting and fun time of the year. Kids, and adults alike, get to dress up and pretend to be somebody else for one night of the year. Little trick-or-treaters get to run around their neighborhoods collecting candy in their candy bags. However, there’s no point in breaking the bank, spending hundreds of dollars when there are many ways to save money for this fun holiday. We are here to share these original, Halloween savings ideas with you!

Save on Costumes

Thrift stores have long been a popular way to get a used cost you, or to create your own costume by piecing together a few accessories and clothing items that you find there. Secondhand stores are definitely a great way to save money on costumes. For example, I once bought a beautiful white body suit at a thrift store. It only cost me about three dollars. I then sewed a small piece of fabric around the waist to create a little white skirt. At the thrift store I also found a can of glitter spray, which also cost me about three dollars. I sprayed some glare in some areas and then I also found some snowflake embellishments at a fabric store which I proceeded to glue gun on various places on the costume, and also some fake rhinestones. I pair this ensemble with a pair of white high heels and a pair of fairy wings that I found at the dollar store. Voila! I was officially a snow fairy. I had one of the most unique, and beautiful costumes at the Halloween party I went to, and the entire outfit was custom-made and cost me around $10 in total.

A friend of mine had also cut up an old prom dress that she bought it at a thrift store for around $12. She poured some fake blood on it made a messy hairstyle with a $2 tiara she found at a dollar store. After styling her make-up, she looked just like Carrie; the part of the movie when her night took a turn for the worse. For under $15 she also had an amazing custom-made costume.

Even if you don’t feel like going to buy something new, you can often find some old garments in your closet that you’re willing to part with. Something that you’d be willing to cut up and make into something new. The possibilities are endless. I remember when I was a toddler, probably because I’ve seen many photos, my mom had painted my face like a puppy (using face paint bought at the dollar store), and I had brown socks pinned to my hair to create “puppy ears.” I was four years old when I had this puppy costume, and I guess, looking back, it was quite cute. for thousands of cheap Halloween costume ideas you might want to look at sites like Pinterest which showcase other people’s very creative ideas for Halloween costumes. You could then easily replicate the costume by finding similar pieces at thrift stores, or dollar stores, and trying to re-create it.

Make your own Halloween Decorations

As mentioned earlier, jack-o’-lanterns are fun to make and the cost next to nothing. Just the purchase of a pumpkin! There are many other ways that you can make your own decorations. For example you know those plastic milk jugs? Some people draw scary faces on them to look like ghosts using a black sharpie marker. Then, they’ll cut out the bottom of the milk jug, put one of those flameless candles on the ground, place the milk jug on top of the flameless candle, and voila! You have yourself a glowing milk jug ghost. The same idea can be done using glass mason jars. You can decorate the mason jar pretty much anyway that you want. You can paint the jar with orange paint and draw a black sharpie marker face to create a jack-o’-lantern. Take it a step further and put a flameless candle inside the jar for a glowing pumpkin. You can even use a white material like that spiderweb stuff, or just some white fabric or even white paper to wrap around the mason jar so that it looks like a mummy. You glue on a pair of googly eyes, and again, place of flameless candle inside the jar if you want the mummy to glow!

Put the Kids to Work

You can have the kids draw and cut out pumpkins, ghosts, bats, candy corn, or any other Halloween item of their choice. After the kids have decorated them, they can glue them to a string and you can hang the string across your doorway or anywhere else that you see fit. Even hanging black and orange streamers on your curtains or window coverings can add the perfect Halloween touch.

With the help of the Internet, the possibilities of creating your own decorations are pretty much unlimited. The savings you can keep on Halloween decorations are endless. You can use Pinterest for ideas, or crawl the web (no pun intended), for more ideas when making your own Halloween decorations.

Halloween Treats

A major part of this festive holiday is of course to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. You don’t want to look cheap, but you also don’t want to break the bank buying candy for virtual strangers; other people’s children, for only one night of the year. Instead of buying those little mini chocolate bars or individual bags of chips, you might want to opt for something fun that’s also inexpensive and give the kids something that they can actually eat, or enjoy. Something that parents will be happy about. Dollar stores are usually great with selling treats for cheaper than average prices. For example, you could probably find boxes of individually wrapped animal crackers, fruit snacks, rice krispie treats, cookies, crackers, or even little toys and knickknacks; something different that isn’t going to give kids a sugar rush.

If you want to remain more traditional and stick with giving out candy or chocolate, you can buy candy in bulk from places like Costco, Sam’s Club, or the dollar store. Just make sure that each piece of candy or chocolate is individually wrapped. It’s very unlikely that a trick-or-treaters’ parents is going to let their child eat a piece of candy that is unwrapped if they have no idea who it came from. So, avoid wasting your money and make sure that you buy trick-or-treaters something that they will actually be able to eat and enjoy.

Halloween Snacks

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Or just want to do something special for family and friends? There is a plug for a of ideas out there for festive, creative Halloween snacks that can easily be made on a budget. Even for dinner time on Halloween, you can simply put together a meal that is nutritious, delicious, and consists of only orange and black foods. For example you might want to serve your meal using black dishes. Perhaps you make pizza, which is orange. You might also want to make SpaghettiOs, tomato soup, steamed carrots, pumpkin pie, or any food that is orange — made specially for Halloween.

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