Nothing is more prevalent at luxury hotels than concierge services. A concierge has intimate knowledge of the surrounding area, including businesses and attractions. Within minutes, these individuals can book a flight or reserve theater tickets. They provide guests with vital information sooner rather than later.

But few consumers realize that credit cards can feature concierge services. High-end credit cards from major payment networks tend to include this perk. For instance, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all include a concierge service on premium credit cards. These services are accessible around the clock by certain cardholders, and this perk can prove invaluable for many individuals. Multiple credit cards can include this feature, so consumers should understand their options here.

The three main credit card concierge services are:

  • Visa Signature Concierge
  • Concierge From MasterCard
  • American Express Concierge Services

Let’s take a look at what each company offers and then find out if you’re benefiting from your credit card concierge!

Visa Signature Concierge

Multiple Visa-branded credit cards include this service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Travel planning is included, so a concierge can book all amenities and travel accommodations for a cardholder in advance. Also, staying at certain partner hotels results in free amenities and food or beverage credits for cardholders. Travelers can have more than rental cars, flights, and hotels booked, though. Limousines, private jets, and even international smartphones can be reserved while traveling.

Visa Signature Concierge can assist in booking seats for a sporting event or entertainment venue, too. In fact, special ticket offers are sometimes available in advance of events and after they’re sold out. Dining reservations come standard, and gifts or flowers can be delivered upon request with ease. All of these features are available at all times of day, and many Visa cards include the concierge feature.

Concierge From MasterCard

MasterCard’s version of concierge services is similar to both Visa and American Express. Still, cardholders can and should take advantage of these benefits whenever possible. 24/7 concierge services are available with the ability to book travel accommodations and reserve tickets for events. Luxury resorts and hotels often come with free room upgrades and complimentary services. As an added bonus, some cruiseship reservations include a $500 onboard credit per room for cardholders.

A unique feature from MasterCard is its extra airport concierge service. For a fee, an escort assists cardholders while getting through airports around the world. This includes help dealing with customs, going through security, and retrieving baggage. A little guidance through international airports never hurts. Plus, airfare discounts and city-specific discounts are available for regular travelers through MasterCard.

American Express Concierge Services

Amex is both a credit card issuer and payment processor today. Therefore, its concierge services are designed to complement current Amex credit card features. Typical concierge services are included like booking travel accommodations and buying tickets to events. Gift purchases and dinner reservations are a cinch, which should be expected of every concierge service offered by creditors or hotels.

Without a doubt, American Express takes things a step further by coupling concierge services with credit card features. Members can contact their dedicated concierge number and utilize their Membership Rewards points. This means that rewards can be redeemed over the phone with assistance from an Amex representative. Likewise, shopping advice and extended warranty information is available through the service. Personal requests are possible, too, if they’re related to Amex card benefits.

Why are these services offered to cardholders?

It’s important to remember that concierge services are offered with top-tier credit cards only. For better or worse, these services are rarely included with lesser cards. Companies offer this feature to cardholders free of charge as a perk. Premium credit cards tend to come with lower interest rates and other unique benefits.

In that sense, payment networks offer concierge services to retain cardholders and reap extra profits. Cardholders usually pay for concierge-related transactions with their credit cards after all. Offering this service costs payment networks millions of dollars, but they profit many times that amount in the long run for doing so. Fortunately, cardmembers can benefit from this situation on a regular basis.

Is your credit card concierge service helping you?

You should know whether your credit card includes a concierge benefit. Perhaps you’ve never thought about taking advantage of this benefit before. Otherwise, you may have used the service dozens of times in the past. Each cardholder, yourself included, needs to leverage these services to the fullest extent possible. Doing so ensures that your credit card works for you and provides true value for the cost.

The Time Factor

First and foremost, concierge services provide convenience in the form of time saved. A representative handles the research and booking processes for travel or events. You tell him or her where you want to go, or what you want to see. Even last minute accommodations can be made, depending upon the request. Throughout this process, you don’t have to exert energy or stress out because things are handled hassle-free.

The Savings Factor

Concierge services and card benefits can help you save money along the way, too. You reap savings whenever you pay with your credit card. Oftentimes further discounts are available by utilizing the concierge service. After all is said and done, you could save 20-60% on your accommodations or reservations. Some amount of savings or discount is often available, and you shouldn’t pass up on these opportunities to spend less.

Make Your Concierge Work For You!

When you contact your credit card concierge, you should feel important. Such services are designed to put your needs front and center during each call. If you feel like your concierge benefit isn’t providing value, then contact the service immediately. During the call, the representative can run through what benefits you have at your disposal, and chances are high that you don’t know every potential benefit.

Taking the time to understand the concierge feature of your credit card can pay off. The best concierge services attend to your needs and seemingly make magic happen. With a single call, you can have tickets in your figurative hands. You could acquire the information you need to try something new. Credit card concierge services are included in high-end credit cards, so you shouldn’t hesitate to use this complimentary benefit!

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