Taking a journey around the world to experience different cultures and see new things is an aspiration for many. Whether the destination is Paris, Los Angeles, or Sydney, the first step is to create a budget for traveling. If plans include an extensive journey away from home, it is important to maintain a low cost budget while traveling around the world. What are some ways to turn a trip around the world into a frugal adventure that will preserve money for excursions and adventures rather than consume it all with hotel stays and airfare?

Purchase an Around the World Airline Ticket

Any journey that is designed with the intent of getting on and off of an airplane to get to more than one destination is going to cost a bit of money. Booking an around the world ticket with an Airline Alliance will make visiting multiple locations around the world a cheaper option than buying a separate ticket to each location along the beaten path. This option allows for the itineraries to connect in a way that will allow travel to any of the seven continents at a fraction of the price. The trip must either go from east to west or west to east, and the journey must include at least 3 different locations. The starting location must also be the last destination of the journey. All dates and times for travel are flexible, but the entire experience must be completed within one year.

Give up Traditional Hotel Stays

Everyone knows that during any vacation, the bulk of the money is spent on hotel stay, so why not cut this out altogether? Staying in a hostel is a great way to save a few dollars, but there is another way that is even more frugal. A workaway program gives people who are visiting certain locations around the world the option to work for small businesses and families in exchange for a place to stay and food to eat. Staying with a host family will extend the cultural experiences available and allow close interaction with the locals, who open their home to those willing to lend a hand in their quaint bed and breakfast or rustic vineyard.

Pack Durable Clothing

Anyone traveling for a long period of time should consider the clothing that will be worn along the way. Make sure to pack clothing that is appropriate for the season and the location being visited, and that the material will be durable enough to withstand rugged mountain hikes and other activities. Instead of staying in the hotel because another pair of ten dollar jeans just got a hole in them, pack a durable wardrobe to assure that an exciting day trip will not be missed. Make sure money is not being spent on replacing clothing or buying extra outfits, because rain or cold weather were not considered.

Have a Simplistic Phone Plan

Cell phones and technology are a huge part of the modern world, but it is possible to have a simple prepaid or monthly talk plan that will cost less than the unlimited data plans that are so popular today. Any destination will have Wi-Fi, it is just a matter of finding a location that is convenient to use. Airports, hotels, cafes, and shopping malls are all common locations where Wi-Fi hotspots can be found. If there is not a Wi-Fi connection nearby, then explore and discover the natural beauty of that corner of the world.

Avoid Taxis

Regardless of the city being visited, a typical trip from an airport to a city will cost at least $40. In some areas of the world, this simple trip can take almost $100 before even arriving at the hotel. Getting around by metro, subway, train, or bus is a convenient way to reach the same destination for a fraction of the cost. Public transportation often offers an experience that shows how local people in that area of the world get to work every day. If time permits, try walking the city street. Walking is truly the cheapest way of going from place to place, and it is a great way to take in the sites. Being enclosed can create an atmosphere inside the vehicle, where small pleasures like a beautiful climbing rose bush may be missed.

Make Credit Purchases

Using a debit card at an ATM in a foreign country will end up costing a ton of extra money in fees. In some areas of the world, money may need to be exchanged for the common currency in that area. Credit cards often avoid these fees and many of them offer double the rewards for using them during times of travel, so paying for any hotel stays, airplane tickets, and train and bus trips paid for with a credit card will eliminate those fees as well as earn you extra reward points.

Eat From Street Vendors

Street meat is a great way to sample local cuisine. This simple method of purchasing food is often a much cheaper option than buying a meal in a local restaurant. It will allow association with locals of the area as well as give a taste into authentic foods that are offered in an area. Sometimes the best food can be found at street vendors or farmer’s markets. This food is not only the cheaper option; it is often the best tasting one as well.

Control Coffee Addictions

Coffee is a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed daily at home, but while on a trip around the world it will do nothing but cost extra money every day. A cup of coffee or tea may only cost $5 a day, but think about how much that is in a year. Is it wise to spend $1825 a year on coffee while traveling? That money can be put to a much better use, such as exploring a mystical cave near the Mediterranean Sea or touring a museum while in Paris. Make sure to keep track of small purchases like this, or they will be the cause of a low bank account.

Having a budget while traveling is often a cause for stress on a big trip, but there are ways to make it less of a concern, which allows for more to spend on exploration and excursions. Make sure to consider these frugal tips before making an unforgettable journey on any of the seven continents.

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