Instant Approval Credit Cards

Instant approval credit cards exist because, sometimes getting a credit card is an urgent matter. You may need one to open up an account, open a membership at a local store, reserve a hotel room, or make an online purchase right away. Instant approval credit cards can help you to get the credit you need quickly. These types of cards have different criteria and eligibility requirements that must be met for instant approval to be given. Learning a little bit more about the types of cards available can help you decide if an instant approval card is right for you.

To get instant approval through an offer online, you will need to enter some specific information about yourself, your income, and your financial obligations. If you qualify, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes that lets you know if you are approved. In most cases, to be instantly approved you need to have a good credit (a score of 675-719) or excellent credit (a score of 720-850). You can maintain good or excellent credit by making payments on time and staying under your limit. If further research is needed, you may have to wait a few days to be approved.

American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card

The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card is a card that gives a 60 second or less approval. Just for spending $500 in the first 3 months you will get 10,000 extra bonus points. You don’t pay an annual fee the first year but every year after there is a $125 yearly fee. Your credit limit is adjusted as you prove yourself to be a good manager of your credit limit. You also get 1 reward point for each dollar spent. Rewards can be redeemed on purchases, travel, and entertainment. In most cases, you must have excellent credit to be approved for this card.

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card

The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card gives approval in a minute or less for those with very good or excellent credit. This card gives you one point for every dollar spent towards your reward points. You can trade in your points for frequent flyer miles at over 30 airlines or you can earn enough points to get 6 free nights at qualifying hotels. While at a Starwood hotel, you earn double reward points. No annual fee is required the first year, but each year after that costs $45 with a 13.24% interest rate.

First Premier Bank Gold MasterCard Or Visa

The First Premier Bank Gold Card is an instant approval card for those with less than good credit. You can receive instant approval and start to build up your credit store. However, this card comes with some hefty fines. This is a $29 set up fee, $84 monthly servicing fee, $48 annual fee, and $95 program fee. These charges are part of your credit limit so your available credit after these charges may only be a few dollars. The interest rate is 9.9%.

First Option Visa Card

The First Option Visa Card is designed for those with no credit history or a negative credit history, although anyone with a positive credit history is welcome to apply. You are guaranteed instant approval if you supply your age, social security number and residence and the information is verified as correct. No credit check is run. However, there are some conditions attached to this card.

First, you must open a savings account and deposit at least $300, but may put in up to $5,000. You credit limit on your card will match the amount in your savings account so that if you do not pay your balance, the money can be withdrawn from the savings account. This card also has a $99.95 application fee that will come out of your checking account as soon as you are approved. The interest rate on this card is 19.5%.

Discover More Card

The Discover More Card from Discover is designed for those with good to very good credit. It comes with a 0% interest rate during the introductory period and an 11.99% thereafter. This card gives 5% cash back on purchases at restaurants, on travel, on gas, at the movies and more. Purchases made in other categories still receive cash back but at lower percentages. This card also comes with fraud and security protection, auto rental insurance, accident insurance and discounts at participation merchants.

Is An Instant Approval Credit Card Right For You?

You may still be wondering if an instant approval credit card is right for you. You can use the free credit card chaser on this page right now to compare credit card offers from many companies. If you need instant approval don’t hesitate to check it out. Search for the right card for you right now!

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