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credit card ratesOnline charts comparing credit cards of all stripes have become as numerous as pop-ups on the World Wide Web. Finding the best and most reliable comparison charts can be a bit of a chore if you don’t know what to look for, so here are some guidelines to follow when shopping for a new credit card.

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First, it’s important to find an online comparison chart that explores a wide variety of credit cards, rather than a single type of card or credit cards from a single bank or credit card issuer. An excellent credit card rate chart allows consumers to compare cards from different companies side-by-side.

Interest Rates are Just the Beginning

A good rate chart may begin by comparing credit card interest rates but should also describe and compare a number of other card features, which are just as important to consumers. MSN Money’s Personal Finance section maintains an up-to-date list of credit cards with the best rates.

The MSN Money chart compares eight important features of each of the thirty credit cards listed on their site, starting with interest rates and ending with the annual fees or late fees each credit card company or bank will charge.

Reliable credit card information can also be found in popular magazines such as Consumer Reports. This article from the December 2011 issue compares a number of credit cards on selected features.

The best credit card rate charts will not only compare interest rates and fees but other important features as well including rewards and other card benefits.

A great credit card comparison chart will provide credit-qualifying guidelines for each card and offer immediate access to consumers who want more information or might want to instantly apply for a credit card seen on the chart.

The Most Popular Types of Credit Cards

credit card rates chartsThere are many different kinds of credit cards on the market. Many cards are designed for special and very specific customer needs. The most popular categories of credit cards include cards with low introductory rates and cards that offer opportunities to save money by transferring high interest rate balance amounts from other credit card accounts.

Other popular credit card types are cards for consumers with special needs such as business owners or students and those consumers who may have had some difficulty with credit in the past or are just beginning to establish a credit history.

Some of the most beneficial credit cards that comparison shoppers are looking for are the ever-popular rewards cards. Great Internet credit card sites often compare rewards cards in specific areas of consumer interest.

These sites will help consumers find the best airlines or travel rewards cards. The best comparison sites will highlight the credit cards that will earn the highest points for gasoline or grocery purchases or point out which cash-back cards are the best overall.

The Latest Information and other Services

Credit card comparison websites also provide useful information about credit cards and the credit and banking industry in general. Many sites publish timely reports on topics of interest for credit card holders. Comparison sites also sponsor blogs that allow consumers to exchange ideas and share their experiences with their own credit card accounts.

Comparison sites publish reviews of new credit cards compiled from the reports of their own staff as well as consumers who have had recent experiences with the cards under review. Each comparison website may feature hundreds of individual credit card opportunities that in turn are offered by dozens of different banking concerns.

Save Time and Money

Credit card comparison websites help consumers sort through dozens of card offers in a minimum amount of time. Regardless of the type of credit you have or the type of card, you may be looking for, online rate charts and credit card sites provide the best avenues for comparison-shopping.

Credit card comparison sites also provide consumers with calculators to help shoppers determine their qualifications for particular credit cards.

The calculators also allow shoppers to instantly calculate their savings on balance transfers and the time it may take to pay off a balance on a given credit card.

Comparison shopping sites often provide links to important credit services such as where to obtain a credit report. Other links will take consumers to articles discussing literally hundreds of pertinent and timely topics that are always of importance to credit card holders.

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