Valentine’s Day is there for you to show your lover how much you treasure him or her. In line with tradition, you need to do some things that will show your partner that you love them. However, you don’t have to break the bank to put a smile on that special someone. Here are various ways you can make the day great, and save money in the process.

Make a Romantic Dinner Together

Do you know that in most households the practice of cooking dinner is a one-sided affair? It is always left to the woman of the house to make the meals. Why can’t you change this trend and show your woman that you have the skills by making dinner together? The purpose here is to create a connection between the two of you in a place that isn’t the dining room or the bedroom.

Working together and having fun in the kitchen will allow you to connect at a new level, at a low cost – something that befits such a day.

Rent a Romantic Movie

It doesn’t take a lot to get something to do with your partner on valentine’s day. Why not rent a romantic movie and watch it together? Go to the local movie store, rent a DVD or two of your choice, and enjoy the movie in the comfort of your home. You can snuggle up close and watch the movie as you enjoy a bowl of popcorn.

Relive Your First Date

There are several milestones that you might have gone through as a couple. One of the most important milestones is the day you had your first kiss. That day might have special memories that you can relate to. When Valentine’s Day comes, you can relive your first date. It is most likely that the venue of your first kiss was inexpensive. Go ahead, head to this venue, and relive your memories.

It can mean you going to the Chinese restaurant that led to the kiss, or taking a walk down the beach that you first kissed on. At the end of the day, you will have showed your spouse that you love them and that you cherish every moment you have shared with them before. You do all this at a low cost.

Don’t limit yourself to the place you had your first kiss though, go ahead and celebrate other milestones such as the place that you proposed.

Create a Mixtape

Obviously, your partner has a favorite list of songs that she sings along to or listens to repeatedly. Why not download the videos of these songs and create a playlist just for her? You can upload the playlist to her smartphone or iPod so that she can carry it everywhere. You can add in some of your favorite songs to make the experience much better.

You can do this alone or sit up all night compiling the songs with your partner. You can get a bowl of popcorn and listen to the music as you compile them.

Create a Personalized Gift Basket

At times, you don’t have to let someone else think for you. This concept applies to a Valentine’s Day gift basket. Understand what your date likes and fill the basket with these items. However, make sure the basket is interesting otherwise, you won’t get the desired effect.

A personalized gift basket will mean more than a generic basket. You will also save money on this day.

Give a Massage

Massaging can add a touch of intimacy and romance. If you have had a homemade dinner, get out the massage oil and light some candles for some relaxing fun.

Go for a Picnic

The outdoors are fun, and will provide an ideal setting for a romantic getaway. You don’t need much to plan and execute a successful picnic. All you need is to identify a suitable site, make some sandwiches, and get a bottle of wine and you are good to go.

Design Your Own Cards

There are some DIY projects that you can undertake to save money on Valentine’s Day. One such project is the DIY Valentine’s Day cards. All you need is a bunch of heart-shaped pieces of paper you can write on. You can customize these heart-shaped papers with some images to make everything personal. If you don’t have pre-cut papers, you can use a pair of scissors to do the trick.

Write a Romantic Letter

With the advent of mobile phones and the internet, people don’t write letters anymore. This is your chance to be unique by writing a love letter to your partner. You can add some photos or memorabilia to make it more personal. Hand deliver the letter to her workplace so that you make it a surprise.

Skip the Roses

Valentine’s Day is associated with rose flowers. At this time, everyone will be aiming for the roses and scrambling for them. Florists understand that everyone is after roses and will increase the price due to the high demand. To avoid extra costs, opt for other types of flowers such as tulips or daisies. They can still do the trick without sacrificing on style.

Search for Deals

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many dealers provide deals for their customers. Most of these deals come in the form of coupons that reduce the cost of an item. Check out the sites offering deals such as free shipping on flowers or chocolates. Make use of these daily deals so that you pay less than what you would normally pay for an item.

Make it a DIY Project

There are various ways you can make this Valentine’s Day a DIY project. After you buy the individual rose stems, you can go ahead and create a bouquet by yourself. You can also buy a vase at the dollar store instead of getting one from the florist, which can be more expensive.

You can also deliver the flowers by yourself especially if your spouse is within the locality. You will end up saving money on various tasks that would have otherwise made it costly.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is essential for a relationship to flourish. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it memorable. All you need to do is make sure you understand what your partner likes, and the opportunities available in your region.

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