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The Home Depot Credit Card is a home improvement credit card offer that is issued by the Citibank Credit Card Company and is similar in nature to the Lowe’s Credit Card. The Home Depot Credit Card is ideal for Home Depot shoppers that want low or no interest offers for larger Home Depot purchases. Read this Home Depot Credit Card review and decide if you you should submit a Home Depot Credit Card application or try out our free credit card finding tool to start comparing credit cards.

Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Offer Details

Here are some of the details of the current Home Depot Citibank Consumer Credit Card offer:

  • No interest charged if the balance is paid in full within the first 6 months (offer eligible on Home Depot purchases for $299 and higher and a late payment disqualifies one from the offer)
  • 17.99% to 26.99% purchase APR
  • 29.99% penalty APR
  • No annual fee
  • Online account management

Refer to the Home Depot Citibank Consumer Credit Card terms and conditions for additional details.

Applying for the Home Depot Credit Card

Before you submit a Home Depot Credit Card application or any other credit card application be sure to do your research. Try our free credit card finder tool on our home page to start comparing credit cards now!

Home Depot offers its own credit card for its customers to use. It can make financing large purchases easy and convenient.

Individual customers can take advantage of a deferred payment plan when they use a Home Depot card. Instead of having to break a home renovation or improvement down into stages because of budgetary restrictions, the customer can pick up all the materials they need at once.

Home Depot offers retail credit card solutions that can be used only in its stores, as well as a card that can be used for making purchases from other retailers as well. Prospective cardholders should consider their choice carefully to make sure they are getting the right card for their needs. Compare other credit card offers today!

Home Depot Credit Card for Consumers

There are two types of consumer accounts offered by this retailer. A customer who chooses the Home Depot Consumer Credit card can use it only for making purchases from the store, either in person or online. It does offer the attractive option of no interest or payments required on purchases over $299 for six months. After that point, if the purchase is not paid for, interest is charged at a rate of between 18-27%.

The other type of account for individuals is the Home Depot Rewards MasterCard. Customers who choose this rewards credit card receive two points for every dollar they spend in the store, and one point for each dollar they spend elsewhere. The points can be used for merchandise from selected retailers, as well as travel rewards just like travel credit cards.

Home Depot Credit Card for Commercial Accounts

Commercial account customers can choose between a revolving charge card and a commercial account card. The revolving charge card option offers free cards to employees and is a popular choice for independent contractors.

The business credit card account card features itemized billing with an identification number for each authorized user. The commercial customer can make monthly payments or pay off the balance in full.

Home Depot Credit Cards Offer Choice

Home Depot offers options that are made to fit the needs of the customers they serve. Individuals and contractors can get access to credit for the jobs they are undertaking. Compare the Home Depot cards with other credit card offers now!

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “Home Depot Credit Card”

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  2. Glenn Landis says:
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    Buy from Lowes! In late 07 I was pricing out a kitchen for my home. I was shopping for the best deal among 3 stores. Home Depot actually had the best price but they had just lowered my credit limit on there card. Supposively due to the economy so I was told. They said I could reapply and the could possibly increase it. Instead, I went to lowes and used there card. No issues, plus got 12 months at 0%.
    Fast forward to black Friday 2011, I go to Home Depot to make a purchase on an item I have been looking at for a year. I decide to use my card and it is declined? ? The clerk was very nice and tried calling a number, and she says it’s been deactivated. Frustrated , again, I wanted to walk out but I made the purchase reluctantly.
    I called the credit assistance later and the first person told me that they looked at my credit recently and decided to cancel my card. I am livid!! I asked for someone else and the next person told me that due to lack of use, my card was cancelled on Thanksgiving Day! One day prior!!
    She offered to help me reapply. No thanks! That will be the last time I ever go in a Home Depot! I guess that’s how your treated when you make all of your smaller purchases with cash.

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